3 Netsuite Business Intelligence Solutions to Know

Netsuite Business Intelligence enables you to get an accurate and precise view of your business as it is a challenge for your growing business. Data is generally fragmented across multiple spreadsheets and systems and it may be error-prone, hard to maintain and out of date.

SuiteAnalytics is provided by Netsuite and has standard features as it gives your business the power built in the real time, analysis, reporting and dashboards that are integrated into CRM, ERP and ecommerce applications that are used by the employees for doing their everyday tasks for driving true operational insights. It also helps business users to gain a personalized visibility in their latest performance metrics for enabling them to identify the trends, opportunities and issues so that they can drill instantly for taking action for the underlying transactions.

Key Benefits of Netsuite Business Intelligence

  • Delivers personalized insights with the deployments of role based dashboards that are tailored for the needs of each business user.
  • Get real time view of the company‚Äôs performance across sales, finance, service, fulfillment and marketing.
  • Eliminate various versions of truth so that decisions can be made on centralized, single data repository.
  • Empower every person on a company with self service, fingertip access to the key reports and measures of the company.
  • Review analytics immediately through a mobile device or web browser.
  • Gain visibility from summary down to transactional details.

3 Solutions for Netsuite Business Intelligence

Connection Cloud

Connection Cloud provides a real access to the Netsuite data to finance team so that these data can be transferred to favorite reporting tools such as Tableau, Excel, crystal reports and Jasperosft in real time within few minutes without the need to build warehouse or engage the IT department. It can support the access to the custom objects of Netsuite which can be implemented within minutes. This solution also provides flexible pricing and editions for supporting growth.


This solution has been designed for businesses for achieving greater operational efficiency through the analysis of billings and bookings, exception analysis and order processing. Birst is engineered with automated data warehouse along with visual analytics that provides meaning to the data. It also enables the businesses to view as well analyze the business data into Netsuite. Thus it is considered as a seamless integration of the advanced analytics that has been embedded into Netsuite directly.

Godata for Netsuite

This is a free on demand analytics and reporting service that enables the Netsuite users to analyze the CRM and ERP data across entire suite. It captures the business data, connects to Netsuite account so that a secure project space can be created for analysis.

Key Features of Business Intelligence

Personalized real time dashboards

You can get the real time business intelligence across all the areas of your company which includes sales, accounting, support and ecommerce and hence it allows the employees to identify the key issues of the company and maximize their productivity. It allows you to set key performance indicators for showing period on period trends, key variances, threshold based gauges, real time trends graphs and adhoc reports that are personalized for the role of each employee.

Analytics on the go

Business intelligence ensures that every business users get a real time access to all the business information that they require which includes calendar information, latest business metrics and customer details as Netsuite provides comprehensive support for all mobile devices like BlackBerry and iPhone. You can also get a secure access to any of the performance measure with any web browser from any place.

Complete self service reporting

You can get detailed and clear visibility into the present state of business with the use of Netsuite Ad-hoc, saved search and standard reports so that you can provide tactical decision support on a needed or periodic basis. You can also create reports with the addition of grouping levels, custom formula and new fields with the help of powerful report builder from Netsuite. You can also exports the results of different processes to a large variety of formats which includes CSV, excel and PDF.

It can be integrated easily with the business intelligence of the third party- ODBC connectivity provided by Netsuite for business enables you to use it with the other business intelligence tools. It also helps you to get master data and accurate transactional results so that real time data can be automated for decision making with Netsuite Business Intelligence.



Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.