3 Netsuite Events You Need to Know About in 2014

NetSuite events are known for the informative and innovative experience they give to participants who are lucky enough to attend. The best part is that these events are planned way in advance to allow potential guests to plan their attendance early in the year. 2014 has already been packed with amazing events but there are some that one can’t afford to miss.

1. SuiteWorld

This is an annual event held by Netsuite and 2014 is not left out. For 2014, the dates are set at May 12 to 15. This event will be held in San Jose. There are standard rates, late rates and group rates available. The group rate for a full conference pass stands at $995 and the group’s pre training rate is $1195. A group should have a minimum of four people. The standard full conference rate is $1095, pre training is $1595; late rate $1295, late pre training rate is $1895.

The event will have some amazing speakers who will spark innovation and proper investment of business in the right software. The talks are set at discussing the future of cloud software; whereby they will compare the current systems, the expectations of users and the creation of better software. The pre training offered is meant to train participants in depth and equip them with appropriate ERP management skills. The interaction of over 6000 participants will create networks and connections that will work great for individuals and companies.

2. Operations Summit

This is one of the amazing NetSuite events that is set to be held on April 22. The main topic of discussion will be how to help IT resellers reduce the cost of transaction yet still realize high profits from sales. This event will discuss solutions that help in management of orders, sales, deliveries and payment. Having a central system that automatically edits or changes all sections whenever a change in a certain level occurs is extremely important. All this information and skills will be imparted on the participants who will then be able to ease their businesses from doing unnecessary administration work. This will give businesses a competitive advantage over competitors by reducing time wastage, which will otherwise be invested in marketing and provision of better services.

3. Barcode Scanning

This is one of NteSuite events that will eliminate the need for manual processing of inventories. It will take place on April 17. It also eliminates the need for new warehouse management software. The handheld computers with barcode scanners will be connected to the wi-fi and as such be able to communicate in real time with the cloud levels. With this product all information in all the levels will always be up to date and the users of such levels will also be in possession of current information. This eliminates the occurrence of error, saves time and money.

The main features of NetSuite events are information, skills and products. They seek to inform participants of better ways to improve the performance of their businesses by equipping them with the most appropriate skills. The events may also include the unveiling of new products to fit adequately fit users’ needs.


Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.