5 Important Netsuite Training Tips

We all know that training is a pain in the padded rear end. Especially when it comes to using traditional training mentalities, and tackling new concepts. It’s just not compatible. CRM, being the integral part of things that it has become, is for many no end of annoyance for training. The thing is that while open-ended CRM like Sugar CRM and Salesforce are really great designs, their customization capacity makes training on them … not fun. On the other end, a more monolithic SaaS suite like Netsuite doesn’t have this problem nearly as much. So, let’s talk about how straightforward Netsuite training really is.

Now, something to point out is that Netsuite has a lot of services, CRM is just one of them, though it is their most popular thing of course. But, nonetheless, it means that I’m talking about training on a higher level than specifics for dealing with a particular niche that they fill.

So, here are some basic tips on the simple process of Netsuite training. You’ll find this is more of a general training concern than other SaaS, because Netsuite is so elegantly monolithic.

#1 – Use WalkMe

Ok, ok. First of all, if you go with this one, then most of the rest of the points on this are severely less important than otherwise. So, maybe pay special attention to this one.

Now, WalkMe is a tutorial creation program that makes a macro that lives inside web forms. This macro can watch the forms and the browser, and interact with them. This means it can be programmed to guide users through complex processes one step at a time, and to prevent fatal mistakes as they go.

This is a learn by doing situation, which lets real work get done, and peoples’ natural experience learning affinity to be truly harnessed.

#2 – Gamification?

Ok, the rest of these are less specific to Netsuite, like I said. Gamification is a good way to overcome training tedium, and with ice breaker activities and a motivational game undertone to training, the wariness to new software which people experience will be greatly reduced.

#3 – Cross Training

This matters even if you use WalkMe. Considering a number of departments are likely to use CRM, but for specific applications per unit, you’ll want to cross train the departments on the things each other do, so that roles are always filled and mild inconveniences remain only mild inconveniences and not disasters.

#4 – Enforce Documentation of Anything Custom

For the custom reports, dashboards and any other custom templates or filters that Netsuite’s services allow, be sure that their creator makes a document describing their purpose and relevance in explicit terms, which, in the low level this is encountered in Netsuite, abates the customization problem in training.

#5 – Cross Train on Microsoft Office

One final note is that a big convenience of Netsuite is their interoperability with MS Office stuff. So, to get full use out of this, in lieu of apps to handle document management, make sure that users are also versed in office.

These are all the advice I can really give on Netsuite training, and in all seriousness, WalkMe is the biggest thing to pay attention to here, though the rest are important too.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.