5 Netsuite Training Books You Must Read

Ever since its emergence into the market, NetSuite has received incredible acceptance and reputation as one of the best CRM, ERP, Accounting, Inventory and e-commerce software, so you should be mindful of the Netsuite training books out there in order to learn everything about this tool.  It is delivered as a web service which means it is a SaaS package. NetSuite provides the quickest way to set up and manage online business integrating it across finances, services, sales and service satisfaction.

While NetSuite has been purchased by many already, analysts and statistics indicate its benefits only come with appropriate and unique implementation aligning to your business goals. Apparently, it can cost you more to install and fully implement the package, in order to derive its benefits, than purchasing the software service. It is therefore upon users to take relevant study and polishing to help them efficiently use the service.

5 Netsuite Training Books You Must Read

i. NetSuite for Dummies

This is of course one of the most reputed NetSuite books available in the market. It has been written by experts in the software and type of application which means it focuses on everything about the software. What distinguishes this book is that the authors use simple, clear and concise language.

The book focuses on basic details, features and tasks every user must know of, how to track finances across different elements of the business, gauging progress using analytics among other inevitable online business practices. It illustrates in clear language how to achieve certain simple and basic tasks. Those who find the title of the book weird may be aware that NetSuite’s selling points are limited training needed and ease of use. This book therefore explains how simple it is to achieve tasks, how various features are used and the benefits of using those features. They also touch on maximizing the benefits using the software. The authors include NetSuite’s renowned consultant and solutions provider Jullie Kelly, Luke Brad, who is a SaaS application engineer and NetSuite’s product manage Malin Huffman.

ii. NetSuite Essentials One World

This is another very resourceful book that provides core information. It is the first course book that everyone who has installed NetSuite should read. The book is suitable for those who have been using the program and now want to learn how they can use some advanced features. It explains core NetSuite capabilities, implementation best practices and how ERP and CRM processes function in the program.

This basically allows a business to map its requirements to the program and set up NetSuite optimized to suite your company. The book also touches on how to make NetSuite suitable for your business. Users who want to learn more about the application will find this book very interesting and resourceful in self learning. From organization to configuration and administration, One World NetSuite essentials prepare one to set up the application for their business and derive maximum benefits. Companies operating with various other subsidiaries under the same cloud will find this book the ultimate guide to understanding how to streamline online business with NetSuite.

iii. Accounting and Billing Customer Management Book

Like all businesses, online engagements also rely heavily on reforming the accounting department to ensure billing and CRM is effectively managed. This book will be very useful, especially during installation of the software. It crisply describes an overview of NetSuite, its capabilities and features. However, the book emphasizes on data migration and how to effectively achieve results in an online environment using NetSuite features.

The book promotes heightened collaboration and partnership between users and user interface to achieve efficient accounting, billing and management of online clients. Since NetSuite is used to manage online operations for active businesses, accounting, pricing, marketing and customer managements are the areas efficiency is sought. This book provides valuable information and tips on how some advanced features can be used to run daily business. The book is generally for those who already have some knowledge in using NetSuite application and are looking at expanding their knowledge of other features.

iv. Administrator training Book

This book is basically a group of important headings that are aimed at helping the administrator of the application to accomplish various administrative duties. It contains information regarding permissions and limitations, report generation, integration with other programs and how to use analytics to measure various metrics affecting your business in order to drive maximum benefits. There is information on customization and how NetSuite can be used to streamline repetitive tasks and monitor progress of other sectors of your business. This book is suitable for personnel who handle the support, use and maintenance of the online business supported by NetSuite. It is a very important book that introduces you to the basics that include making a number of changes as an administrator and how to protect your business. It is one of the most important NetSuite training books that expert users and beginners will find quite resourceful.

v. Wholesale distribution eBook

This is the wholesalers’ favorite NetSuite self-training book that explains comprehensively what the application service offers to wholesale distributors. It also explains how wholesaler can take advantage of NetSuite’s features to improve and help the wholesale business. The book explains various business improvement openings with the application including key features, customer videos and benefits among other resourceful information. While the book is primarily meant for wholesale distributors, the concepts and benefits explained provide useful insight that can be used by other businesses. Large establishments that have various subsidiaries and target retailers and/or other outlets that are closer to the eventual consumer will also find the book relevant to their services.

While the above-mentioned books are some of the top NetSuite training books to read, there exist several other excellent books written specifically to help businesses and scholars. These are however the most relevant and convenient to download eBooks that will help businesses grow and improve operations with NetSuite.


When looking for resources about NetSuite application, the results are inexhaustible and numerous PDFs and eBooks are available for anyone interested. Since the benefits of this application can only be realized with correct installation and implementation, reading these books will help you towards moving closer to enjoying all the features. By the time you are done reading, NetSuite will become a regular application which you understand everything about and can customize it according to your business goals.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.