An Overview Of Netsuite Supply Chain Management Software

Netsuite Supply Chain Management software provides a complete set of inventory management, purchasing capabilities, and manufacturing processes that improves the whole process of supply chain management. This software is currently used by more than 16,000 organizations from all corners of the world. With the use of Netsuite software, an organization is in a good position to improve customer service, fulfill set objectives and manage inventory costs and levels in a better way as compared to the traditional inventory management process. This software offers self service to the concerned customers, vendors and other partners which aid in the improvement of collaboration among these parties.

Netsuite inventory software helps an organization to gain a real time and an in-depth view into the key supplier, procurement and inventory management. The intended users of this software include small businesses, freelancers, large enterprises and medium sized businesses. The Netsuite software is supported in devices that contain applications such as windows, RIM-BlackBerry, Mobile Web App and android.

Examples of countries where organizations have moved ahead to implement this software include the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Asia, Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Latin America, Germany and many others. The Netsuite software supports several languages which include Thai, Chinese, Taiwanese, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, English, French, Russian, German, Portuguese, Korean, Indonesian, Japanese and Italian.

Tutorials, Video, FAQs, Knowledge Base, Phone support and online support are some of the support options that are enabled by the Netsuite supply chain management.

The following is a list of other benefits that organizations which have installed Netsuite software get:

It helps the organization to meet its specific purchasing and inventory needs

• Improvement in vendor satisfaction alongside elimination of the manual inventory management process

• It helps the organization to meet customer demand in an effective and efficient way

• Managing of inventory margins with a clear view

• Helps the organization to get a real time demand, supply and costs visibility

Netsuite software comes with features such as marketing effectiveness capabilities, partner management, and sales management; as part of the qualities of a standard package of this software. This software also offers excellent customer services by improving the relationship between customers and the staff of an organization which includes the sales force and marketing force via flexible customization of services.

As the owner of Netsuite software, an organization enjoys key supply chain management measures such as stock on order, supplier on-time performance. The software tightens the control of stock levels through slashing and increasing operational efficiencies of an organization. Increase in product margin is enabled through proper management of pricing levels of different currencies and customers. Control over inventory management software is possible via keeping of stock levels as minimum as possible and giving adequate hand in orders so as to fill the anticipated orders as fast as possible.

Extended features of Netsuite software features include multi-location, customer and volume pricing, bin and lot management, demand,-based replenishment, and landed costs. Every organization has moved most of its operations from the manual system to the digital way of operating. You don’t have to wait anymore. Install Netsuite supply chain management today and start enjoying great inventory management features in your organization!


Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.