Complete Birst NetSuite Review

Birst NetSuite integration allows your business to achieve better operational efficiency via analysis of billings and bookings, exception analysis, and order processing, just to mention a few. Birst’s Cloud two-tier data-architecture is capable of creating a single view of all the data and empowers users to carefully analyze it using mobile, reports, visual discovery, and dashboards.


Complete Birst NetSuite Review

Birst is one of the few Business Intelligence Platform of an enterprise-caliber available in the cloud. It’s more agile and less costly than Legacy BI and also more powerful compared to Data Discovery. Additionally, it’s engineered with automated data warehouse and highly visual analytics to offer meaning to all sizes and types of data. In short, Birst provides you with the ability of solving real business problems.

Birst NetSuite integration benefits users by simply improving user experience with their great solutions and by providing raised analytics standards. However, this isn’t a charity move for Birst, but to enhance visibility directly into their approach of innovative BI as other similar cloud based BI solutions are increasingly jockeying for better position in this fast moving space. This integration comes with opportunities for Birst to register more paying clients/customers, specifically under a new agreement of revenue sharing.

With Birst’s Operational Analytics for NetSuite, you can more insight into the operational KPIs and boost reporting agility. Birst also offers a robust set of all pre built analytics for custom and standard NetSuite deployments. These operational analytics help a lot of companies outperform their close competitors by simply uncovering key insights, which drive increased working capital, greater operational visibility, and decreased days sales-outstanding. Different companies can now get best practice value and analytics in less than a month through this integration.

What Birst can offer NetSuite Users?

  •  With Birst NetSuite integration, you can gain clarity into the bottlenecks and get rid of manual reporting as well as how to increase performance for billings, backlogs, and bookings.
  • You can get unprecedented insight into any subscription business KPI’s like renewal rates and deferred revenue.
  • This integration can also help you go beyond standard analysis and reporting available in SuiteCommerce applications and NetSuite ERP.
  • The integration also comes with instant access to each single item within NetSuite like custom objects.
  • With Birst, you can also analyze performance metrics of your ecommerce business combined with the operational data available on other sources such as the 3PL, outsourced fulfillment and manufacturing.
  • Only Birst can offer you seamless integration of all advanced analytics embedded automatically within NetSuite.
  • Birst also provides you with an extensible Meta data also known as analytics data model, around the measures and dimensions best suited for NetSuite.
  • Lastly, it comes with over twenty pre-built best-practice reports to automatically provide insight into specific and common business processes.

Birst Solution Accelerator for NetSuite’s SuiteCloud Computing Solution

Birst Inc., has also introduced the latest Birst Solution Accelerator for NetSuite which is developed using SuiteCloud Computing Platform for NetSuite, this new SuiteApp is basically a pre-built analytical solution, which quickly provides advanced analytics usually with the best practice financial dashboards and reports.

It also integrates into all analytic capabilities, which are not available through standard analysis and reporting. With easy and quick access to the enterprise caliber business insights, you can now leverage your data to facilitate decision making and optimize processes of your business across your company.

SuiteCloud for NetSuite is a very comprehensive delivering of cloud based development tools, products, and services specifically designed to help commercial software developers and customers take advantages of significant economic benefits as a result of cloud computing.

SuiteCloud Developers Tools also offer a very comprehensive cloud-customization environment, whether you are extending your NetSuite account to suit your business needs, or simply developing new applications. These tools include scripting, web services, workflow management, analytics, and much more.

Business intelligence and business applications always go hand-in-glove. This means that the applications allow you to effectively execute your business processes while, the BI offers you the ability to optimize and manage those processes. As more and more companies continue relying on NetSuite for their ecommerce and ERP needs, this enterprise caliber capabilities of Cloud BI make Birst the only choice for all NetSuite users looking to achieve greater and better insight from comprehensive data available within the transactional cloud applications.

The Birst NetSuite Accelerator offers best-practice financial analytics through a fixed-bid service management and out-of-the-box solution. NetSuite users usually benefit from closely integrated, rapid-to-deploy advanced analytics, which enable easy, quick access to all information and analysis via automated creation and delivery of report, getting rid of the need of manually running reports.

In addition, the solution accelerator offers a foundation to integrate and combine NetSuite data automatically with data from various applications. As companies look outward specifically for their ecommerce platform and ERP to other systems, Birst is capable of bridging that gap.

The Capabilities of Birst Solution Accelerator

1. Pre-Built Meta Data

Birst Solution Accelerator provides companies with an extensible analytics data-model, particularly around the measures and dimensions best-suited for NetSuite. This eliminates the need of manually creating business meaning within their data.

2. Single Sign On

As a NetSuite user, the solution accelerator allows you to seamlessly synchronize advanced analytics embedded automatically within the NetSuite applications.

3. Fixed Cost Enablement

This solution accelerator for NetSuite users also allows organizations to deploy at a very predetermined set cost within a month.

4. Pre-Built Reports

Birst solution accelerator for NetSuite provides users with over twenty off-the-shelf reports to efficiently and quickly deliver insight into specific and common business processes.

5. A NetSuite Connector

This accelerator also offers users instant access to all single objects within NetSuite, like custom objects as well as the capability of making it analytic ready using data from other sources and applications.

In a nutshell, Birst NetSuite integration delivers unmatched value. This is because Birst gives NetSuite users an opportunity to easily and quickly tap into the data, and then dig down to find what they actually need, create very solid reporting as well as manage it from a single easy-to-use dashboard. With the Birst’s Enterprise version, the Meta data, NetSuite connector and pre-built reports are all available with no hidden charges or extra cost.

Conclusively, with Birst NetSuite integration, users are now capable of getting the insight they need into both financial and sales analytics and across several other business processes within their companies.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.