Complete Netsuite Architecture Guide

By adopting any NetSuite architecture, you get the benefits of using their world-class team of IT experts and data center. Their team has several years of experience managing both data center and product security. They ensure the highest data security levels and guaranteed performance and uptime. Basically, they categorize their security efforts into two main categories which include Data Center Security and Product Security.

Netsuite Database Architecture Guide

NetSuite Product Security

1. Application-Only Access

The system of NetSuite architecture is divided into layers which separate the application data. Every individual who logs in is only allowed to access the application layer. This makes it impossible for any other person to maliciously access your data to alter it.

2. Prevention of Any Malicious Acts

The system takes proactive measures in insuring that the application is secure and safe from any possible internet attacks. NetSuite servers are all behind a protected firewall to prevent internet users from accessing these servers without using allowed methods and protocols. Additionally, to their internet firewalls, they have an additional protection level around their production databases, giving access only from recognized hosts.

3. Security Architecture

NetSuite database architecture has been mainly created for high-speed performance using flawless security. Their team of experts has been working closely with their platform software and hardware partners to build and tune NetSuite for greater security of your intelligence, transactions and data.

4. Data Encryption of 128-Bit Secure Socket-Layer (SSL)

From the time you or anyone in your organization access the application login screen through a NetSuite account, the data is always protected. For instance, your unique password and ID together with all data available in the subsequent connection are all encrypted with 128-bit SSL. This is actually the same transaction security level currently used for web-commerce.

5. Account Lockout, Role-Level Access and Idle Disconnect

Every NetSuite user is assigned a specific task with specific permissions to view and utilize the features only related to their jobs. Additionally, NetSuite architecture system detects idle connections and then automatically locks the user’s browser screen prevent unauthorized person from using your computer and access. In addition, if anyone attempts accessing the NetSuite’s application by just guessing your password and ID, the account will automatically be locked after detecting three attempts.

6. Complete Audit Trail

NetSuite continuously and consistently maintains a full audit trail, simply, it tracks those people who made an entry and when. This is possible since the system references every transaction by the NetSuite’ user login information.

7. Continual Monitoring

NetSuite architecture is also designed to network systems of intrusion detection and employ port scans in identifying any vulnerability within their network. While they block any unauthorized attempts to access their data center, they do investigate and log unauthorized connection attempts.

8. Data Back-Up

Automatically, all customer data is backed up to tape daily. Takes are simply taken offsite to a safe, secure location which is created to safeguard tapes in almost all environmental conditions. The facility of offsite exceeds the requirements of industry storage and is approximately over 100 miles away from the system’s data center.

System Reliability

NetSuite basically looks at its infrastructure and the application as highly integrated system. All system aspects are created to be reliable in ensuring availability whenever any of its components fails. In this case, all application and web servers are configured redundantly, so that no server will attempt to bring down the entire architecture system and no interruption to the service.

They have spare servers readily available to deploy at a moment’s notice, especially where there’s equipment failure. Additionally, the equipment of networking is configured redundantly with replacement of equipment available in some hours. Usually they choose the highest quality equipment. NetSuite also comprise a team of professionals to offer services for network and server management, backups, monitoring, as well as other important and necessary maintenance. Also, system administrators react positively to monitoring alerts around the clock and repair any critical failures as soon as possible.

System Security

The system has been created to use tightly controlled IDs and passwords on its network equipment and servers. It limits access to the system of production to only authorized personnel. These passwords are usually changed occasionally. Any security updates directing to the operating systems are first tracked and then updated as required.

Data and Backups

NetSuite’s architecture is also designed in such a way that customer data is kept on a given server which is configured using RAID 5 redundancies through an onboard hot-spare. If a disk fails, the user will not experience any service interruption. Additionally to this server configured with the RAID5, NetSuite data is kept on a network-attached storage that contains its own built-in redundancy, hence allowing additional data protection layer. NetSuite recently opened a redundant facility in Australia where customer data is automatically backed-up on a daily basis to tape the system of their library.

Level 3 Communications – Data Center Security

Its data center is found in Level 3 Communications – Sunnyvale, California. This level 3 ensures redundancy and security across all its worldwide operations. With the goal of offering the highest security level possible, the level 3 protects the electronic and physical infrastructure of their universal network. This network was created to exceed or meet commercial telecommunications standards globally for confidentiality, availability and integrity.

Security features are also designed to detect, deter, and deny any access to unauthorized people. Through immediate remediation and detection, continuous monitoring of network by the Network Operations Centers (NOCs) simply allows Level 3 to easily maintain uninterrupted service.

Secure Facilities of Level 3

At Level 3 facility, NetSuite maintains a well-structured data center just within a data center. With this kind of security for an amazing facility as well as NetSuite-only access for its collocation, the user’s system will be easily managed in the fortress within the fortress. This involves Photo ID Card, Video Surveillance, HVAC Systems, Earthquake Preparedness, Sprinkler Design Approach, Redundant Internet Connection, Palm Identification System, and Backup Power Systems, Particularly Uninterruptible Power Sources (UPSs). In addition, the Level 3 Gateways also feature certain stringent physical security controls and policies in allowing unescorted access to the areas of Collocation for pre-authorized personnel.

Conclusively, NetSuite comes with a lot of features to prevent any unauthorized access by internet hackers, thus safeguarding the important and confidential information of their clients. NetSuite architecture is properly designed to offer all those features.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.