Extensive Overview of Netsuite Services

Netsuite services enable companies and businesses to make informed decisions, implement them and make them work for the benefit of the company and the business. With this solution, businesses are not only able to use the available resources to the maximum but also ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Of course, every business wants to drive high performance, meet customers’ demands and make profit. The Netsuite services make this possible. The services are available with only one thing in mind- the success of your business or company. The services go beyond keeping you and your team running. The services help to ensure that you get value and real returns from your investment.

Extensive Overview of Netsuite Service

The Suite Consulting: 

The Suite Consulting is a service you can use to dramatically grow and improve your business. It is a service that will help you implement and customize your Netsuite to meet your unique needs and all your business requirements. The Suite consulting has an implementation approach that is suitable for every business. It does not matter whether your company or business is small, medium or big.

The Suite Consulting is divided into three sections. These are the Netsuite one methodology, the shared consulting and the Netsuite advisory services. Those who have specific requirements will find the Shared Consulting useful. Examples of specific requirements include the need for a customized business processes the implementation of advanced modules in the Netsuite Customer Relationship Management System, integration of Netsuite with other applications and data conversion requirements.

The Netsuite one methodology focuses on the vast experiences that deploy vast solutions to customers. It is a solution designed for the specific requirements of the mid market and the on-demand requirements. The Netsuite advisory services on the other hand focus on the provision of best practice guidance and quality review check points. With this solution, you will get help on overcoming implementation challenges. The checkpoint reviews helps in delivering a complete and comprehensive assessment that identify problems early enough.

The Suite Training: 

The Suite Training is one of the most important Netsuite services. The training focuses on two main core areas. These areas include project team training and the end user training. The training takes about two and half months. During this time, the trainee gets the chance to learn about Netsuite from the simple aspects of the application to the most complicated aspects. The trainee will cover eight general areas in the Suite Training. The training catalog of the Suite Training include the setup and configuration, accounting and finance, the analysis of data and report running, manufacturing, marketing and commerce, integration application and certification preparation.

The Suite Support: 

There is nothing as important as customer support. Effective customer support forms the core for the success of any business. Besides, if customers are not satisfied with the level of services provided, they always want to know why or at least get questions answered. In short, customers always want answers. They are not just looking for correct answers. They are looking for answers that satisfy.

This is the reason why Suite Support service from Netsuite is available. The Suite Support is committed to answering your questions and resolving your issues effectively. The suite Support provides professional answers within the right time. There are three levels of support in the Netsuite Services. These include the silver support, gold support and the platinum support.

The Silver Support: 

This is an online support that provides case submissions. It takes into account the business hours support. It is a Netsuite services support that does provide callback and response to issues and cases based on your time zone. The silver support service has a number of features as highlighted below:

  •  It features an online support through the Netsuite Customer service access portal.
  •  The cases are given priority based on their severity. This means that the most sensitive cases will get the first response and those with a low level of severity will get response at a later time.
  •  You will receive support between 8a.m and 6p.m in your local time zone. The service will be available for you from Monday through Friday. The support service will not be available during the holidays. The silver support from the Suite Support is not available on the weekends too.
  • There is always an early notification for a new release of this type of support.

The Gold Support:  

The gold support is one of the best Netsuite services from the Suite Support. It provides the best-in-class services and benefits that are designed to ensure the success of your company or business. If you know you will need support during the weekends too, this would be the best service to go for. This means that the service is available from Monday all through Monday.

The other advantage of this support service is that it is available for 24 hours. The communication line is always open and you can always ask for help from the support team any time you want. You do not need to worry about the quality of the support you will receive. It is a guarantee that you will get quality service no matter the time. This will make sure your business runs in the best way possible and succeeds in the end.

The gold support has five major features as highlighted below:

  • There is a toll free technical center that you can use at any time of the day or night.
  •  There is a call routing provided for customer use by the product area.
  •  It is important to note that the case responses get their responses depending on how severe they are.
  •  There is help throughout the day. The customer support system is online on a 24 hours basis and 7 days a week so there is support for emergency cases.
  • There are early notifications of the new releases.

The Platinum Support: 

This is one of the Netsuite services for Suite Support that offers technical support and dedicated program management solutions. The support team is available the whole; 24 hours. You will also get enough help during the weekend with this service. There is a 24/7 telephone service available.


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