How Lead Nurturing Works in NetSuite

Lead Nurturing is basically the process of encouraging your leads to become better accustomed to the products and services of your company so that you can offer stronger, relevant, and more specific messaging. Traditionally, various companies have been spending huge amount of money to generate leads, but that has not guaranteed any necessary conversion to increased sales or better opportunities.

So, how can these companies make the most out of the huge amount of “not-ready-to-buy” leads? The previous process of directly dealing with those leads over to the sales results in fewer conversions, hence increasing more complaints about bad leads. In most case, this problem is not with the actual leads themselves, but it is because the leads are not ready to be engaged with the sales yet. These days, consumers are overwhelmed with broad advertising campaigns and marketing communications.

There is a strong tendency of viewing any marketing activity as junk or spam mail if the consumer is not willing and ready to learn about your services or product yet. Because of that, the best solution for many of these organizations facing such problems is Lead Nurturing. The result is higher conversion rates because the adoption of great nurturing strategies, which allow marketing and sales to target, leads based on their behavior and interests with the event-based marketing.

Strategically, this process of encouraging your leads to become better accustomed to your products or services entails courting leads using targeted marketing activities which enable ROI-driven, the measurable results rather than mass email campaigns that can be sometimes very cost ineffective to your leads. NetSuite users are further allowed to refine their targeted activities of marketing through a wide range of business intelligence (BI) and behavioral analysis tools that enhance the accuracy of event alerts and lead scoring.

How Lead Nurturing Works in NetSuite

If you are ready to begin incorporating the processes of this kind of Nurturing into your marketing strategies, then NetSuite Version 2010.1 provides you with a comprehensive set of functionality that gives you ability to manage it within the system or the application.

The process of encouraging your leads can be easily designed using the new Workflow Manager User interface of NetSuite to define the conditions and steps as well as customize the ways used to determine the timing of campaign messages, who receives each of these messages and the responses or actions, which trigger subsequent emails. Optionally, users who are better versed with scripting may leverage this kind of nurturing by using the Send Campaign Mail API that allows the user to effectively send campaign messages to various leads when certain conditions are met and then inducting those leads into a vigorous nurturing campaign.

The flows of this Nurturing can be sometimes as simple as one or two states, which send template-based messages, especially when leads are established to initiate them into a better nurturing cycle. Alternatively, they can also be workflows, which are more complex and include multiple steps, entry criteria, actions, and transitions for the representation of the involved and a high touch nurturing campaign.

Once you have created and set up the right lead Nurturing workflow, particularly within your NetSuite account, it is very easy to automatically send all of your campaign emails to the leads at your best strategic time, whether triggered by events or their behavior, and coordinate all the activities of follow-up with sales. Not only this strategy helps to increase the sales of your company, but it also boosts the return on investment on your marketing dollars. It can also cut down on the MDF for sell-through-all using automated processex, which can be easily and quickly launched.

How to Automate Your Lead Nurturing With NetSuite – CRM

With the introduction of SuiteFlow which is NetSuite’s integrated workflow management program, your business gets the flexible and powerful workflow management which ensures every business organization is committed to the process of improvement and business agility.

With this NetSuite CRM solution, you can easily create point-and-click rules-based workflows, which streamline, improve, and automate common processes of any business. This is whether you are creating a very strong rules-based process of lead Nurturing or implementing a highly efficient automated process of collections. The following are key benefits and features of automating your lead nurturing with NetSuite CRM platform.

Key Benefits:

  • Deployment of workflows, which move your company from email-based collections and manual paper processes to highly automated cash management
  •  It responds to any change rapidly by automatically adjusting approval chains and business processes based on the needs of the organizational change or business
  •  Improve business performance with dashboards, which give clear visibility into the process performance, improvement opportunities, and bottlenecks
  • Easily and quickly, create workflows, which automate, improve, and streamline common business processes across marketing, finance, service, and sales
  • Drive more return on marketing cost with workflows that enhance conversion rates by automatically and intelligently nurturing leads
  • Remove maverick activity like discounting of rogue sales by implementing very strong auditable processes of approval.

Key Features

  • Offers the real-time flexibility and visibility to monitor the performance of lead Nurturing and continual adjustment of the nurturing as required to maximize the outcomes
  • Workflow Manager offers a complete solution of graphical point-and-click, which allows you to create and maintain workflows
  • Offers marketers the rules-based workflow tools to enhance lead conversion rates by automatically driving and managing lead Nurturing activity
  • Quickly and automatically collect rules-based workflows, specifically to streamline all business processes such as sales purchase order approvals or sales discounting, lead Nurturing, collections management just to mention a few
  • Easily and quickly create and manage this kind of Nurturing workflows which automatically send mails as well as targeted follow ups usually based on the profile of the target or customer behavior such as the recipient (user) opening the email or not
  •  Lastly, easily specify all the triggering events, which initiate a workflow; for instance, when records are created, updated, reviewed, or even schedule workflows to start running automatically.

Conclusively, with this kind of knowledge on how lead nurturing works in NetSuite, you now know how you can plan to leverage this integration to maximize sales and enhance the quality of leads, which is available in your business company today.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.