How to Build a Netsuite Saved Search

Netsuite saved search is a great feature that is offered by the Netsuite application . There are many benefits that you can get from this feature. you are able to use this feature to save your search criteria, description, and some other important things for the future use. Building a saved search in Netsuite is not a difficult thing. However, you need to do several steps for building this system immediately. Before you start building this system, you should log into your own Netsuite system.

How to Build a Netsuite Saved Search

1. Click list, search, saved searches, and new

This step can be done by all Netsuite users. After you click the “new” button, you are going to see the saved search screen that will open. You can type a name inside the right form. Don’t forget to click “Save” button before you start building any other details. You should create proper naming system to make everything organized. It is important to have standard methods for filling these forms. This tip is very useful for all large enterprises who have some employees in building these saved searches. By using this standard system, you should be able to get similar systems from many different employees easily.

2. Fill out the criteria tab

You can see the criteria tab inside this program. This tab is very useful to narrow down your own search. This feature is specially created to help you select the right criteria for your search. You can create several types of criteria based on your needs or preferences. You can filter the categories based on several factors, such as towns, territory, town/city, total amount purchased, un-billed orders, and some other categories. It is not difficult to create filter system by doing this simple step. This function is very useful to filter or eliminate all unused data from the software.

3. Fill out the description

You can see the description box in this registration. It is recommended that you fill out this description form with proper information. After you are ready with your information, you can click “Set” button. This step is very useful to save your filter selection. The description is created to help you notice some filters that you may have in your system. It is important to have clear description for any categories or filters. After you add this description, you should save the documents inside the system. This step becomes very important to make sure that you are able to create the Netsuite saved search immediately.

They are some useful tips that you can follow, so you can create saved search in Netsuite easily. After following those steps, you should be able to see the results tab. This tab allows you to watch all important search results easily. This results tab can show or display all important results that are available in your system. You are able to check all important data from this result page. It is not difficult to create a Netsuite saved search that can be useful for your business needs today.

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