Important Netsuite Training Tips

Well, we recently spent some time lauding the explosion of Netsuite’s add on system, which directly rivals Salesforce’s app exchange. And, this is a huge, huge and important thing and it makes Netsuite, which was already fiercely powerful, and amps it to the extreme, just like it did for when they got that working. But, now we have the same problem with Netsuite training that we have with Salesforce.

Modularity is Training Hell:

With modular systems, where third party code and user configured settings and items, fundamental truths just aren’t a thing. While the out of the box state of a system like this is easily trainable, and in fact has plenty of documentation on the websites, once things are installed and changed, these truths change.

So, how do you train people on your Netsuite system once you’ve installed a lot of apps, designed reports and rules and the like, forms and dashboards … now crud. You have to teach them how to use this system you’ve essentially shaped out of the clay that is the original system and its potentiality.

Take Heart, Brave Warrior:

It’s alright. It is a training migraine if you live in the past, but now that we have some wonderful new technology and new training philosophies. This has changed the game.

I’m happy to say that I have consummate answers for Netsuite training problems!

#1 – WalkMe

What’s WalkMe? Where have you been? WalkMe is a tutorial creation system of a unique form. Rather than video, literature or classroom drilling, WalkMe is a robot that integrates with the interface at hand.

From here, it can do all kinds of things like control the forms, monitor browser states and user activity, correct mistakes, capture analytics, and prompt users on the next steps to take.

This means that scripting guided “learn as you go” makes this training obstacle much less imposing after all. Along with this, it lets real work get done while training takes place.

#2 – LMS

Using LMS for the rest of it, which you still need – you need to present ideas and guidance even with something as smart as WalkMe – look into using a diverse and flexible LMS like Moodle or Blackboard.

These systems breed out the location centrism and class room model that make training such a boar to handle on your own.

#3 – New Models

A couple things to consider with training on systems you’ve more or less built yourself, are new models of training when people do interact for the training.

For example, removing old grading and drilling systems and replacing them with gamification increases engagement, incentivizes trainees and leans strongly on positive reinforcement.

Along with that, the flipped classroom model removes the lecture tedium. In this situation, the class socially goes through material, problems, study and discussion. The teachers are mediators, offering guidance, and ensuring that everyone gets to be heard and answered. Correctly, at that.

Making learning a forum of people like this is suited by WalkMe and Moodle, for example.


So, with this new technology and new line of thinking, Netsuite training is not the obstacle it could have been, now that it has this app network in place. Be glad for it.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.