Leadformix Netsuite Integration

Leadformix is a provider of next generation solutions for marketing automation that has been integrated with Netsuite cloud computing platform. It helps to automate the qualified sales leads by capturing the interest and intent of the website visitor. It also adds an integrated call back capability for giving sales professionals a live access to most qualified prospects.

It has been built with the help of computing platform of Netsuite known as suitecloud and this combine solution is known to help the Netsuite customers in increasing lead pipeline volume, close deals much faster than the manual methods and reach decision makers.

The integration of Netsuite and Leadformix brings a new dimension to the customer lifecycle management as it helps sales and marketing team to collaborate more efficiently in targeting the prospects. It also delivers actionable and high quality intelligence for identifying the most likely buyers. It is also known to perform website behavior and visitor intent tracking along with lead scoring so that a better analysis can be done for driving the lead nurturing and lead management functions. It also delivers this vital information to the marketing and sales teams so that live connections can be created with the most likely prospects.

Leadformix Netsuite integration helps the customers to find and contact their best prospects effectively and quickly which lowers the time to close sale, helps to create a marketing campaigns that are targeted precisely on the better prospects and fills the sales pipepline with better and more prospects. The nurturing capabilities and built in lead generation of Netsuite is extended into an innovative level of marketing automation by leadformix. This integration creates seamless user experience that can improve the collaboration between marketing and sales team more effectively and closely.

The Benefits of Leadformix and Netsuite Integration

  • Flexible and easy integration designed to maximize the sales insight and marketing automation
  • Helps to maintain a clean CRM without any duplicate account creation and leads in Netsuite
  • With the help of the bi-directional integration, the pull and push data will be integrated between Netsuite and cloud marketing automation
  • Enables different demand generation programs that updates fields, create leads and converts leads into Netsuite directly.
  • Automation and measuring lead nurturing campaigns along with setting up of advanced lead scoring activities.
  • Tracks the sales follow up for recycling and re-assigning the leads automatically
  • Enables the representative to understand, interact and prioritize with the best opportunities and leads.
  • Provides detailed information regarding the activities and interests of prospects to sales representative
  • Dashboards with complete details regarding the lead quality, volume and velocity of your marketing funnel.

Leadformix Netsuite integration is seamless and transparent which is easy to use and familiar to the customers and it eliminates the hassles of training. It helps in integrating the powerful online visitors analytics that is provided by Netsuite. Associate website analytics and create new leads automatically with the customer objects of Netsuite. Sales teams are provided with the detailed buyer analytics regarding every prospect within the environment of Netsuite and Leadformix.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.