Mulesoft NetSuite Connector Overview

MuleSoft NetSuite connector makes an immediate API connectivity much possible, allowing the user to easily interface with any NetSuite platform. Improve the offerings of NetSuite to give better management solutions across order management, accounting, inventory applications, ERP, and CRM integration among others. This connector works directly with NetSuite API to offer business organizations the ability to automate and manage so many components within its platform.

The NetSuite connector works with both Mule ESB and Cloud Hub to provide business companies with the ability of integrating the systems of NetSuite with third-party services and applications; for example, to enable seamless communication. In addition, this connector can also be used to customize, automate, and streamline various business processes. However, all these capabilities are as a result of MuleSoft’s AnypointTM Platform. This is actually an integration platform of the next generation for the new enterprise.

With this Anypoint Platform from MuleSoft, you can easily and quickly create your connectivity to NetSuite account in either the cloud or On-premise. This next generation platform offers a complete set of various products to help organizations overcome any challenge of integrating on-premise, SaaS, and mobile systems within the shortest time possible.

Therefore, with an underlying platform, which has a reliable multi-tenant architecture and a single development environment, you can efficiently and quickly create various integrations to NetSuite, which are known to be scale overtime. You can quickly connect NetSuite to other on-premise and SaaS applications such as MuleSoft no matter you are along a continuum toward the cloud.

Key Benefits of MuleSoft Netsuite Connector

  •  Increased business processes efficiency and productivity
  •  No point-to-point connection needed
  •  Automation of order, billing and invoice processes
  •  Removal of associated errors and manual data entry

Features of MuleSoft NetSuite Integration

Mule ESB facilitates this integration through the following approaches:

• Offers the Anypoint connector which facilitates the connection of NetSuite seamlessly without using low level API programming

• The transformation and data mapping between NetSuite is achieved with the use of graphical interface tool of MuleSoft Anypoint DataMapper, easing the developer effort

• MuleSoft connector provides a rich API to accounts, contacts, products, customers and any other key business data

• With the platform of MuleSoft Anypoint, MuleSoft NetSuite connector can be achieved easily in the cloud or on-premise

• In real time, data is transferred to NetSuite, allowing business processes and operations to be done more easily and effectively, for example payments, orders fulfillment and invoicing

• Changes are easily reflected in NetSuite through bidirectional communication between these systems

• The platform of MuleSoft Anypoint also allows dynamic discovery ofavailable operations and data models using the DataSense features

Generally, MuleSoft Anypoint connectors give instant connectivity of API to most common services and applications. With a collection of pre-built integration solutions, you can quickly connect services and finance applications to CRM, legacy systems, billing, and accounting applications. Contrary to other integration options available, Anypoint connectors are created and managed on the integration platform of MuleSoft’s enterprise, allowing the user to deploy integrations quickly, either in the cloud or on premise.

Custom Hand-Coded MuleSoft and NetSuite Integration

An approach to NetSuite integration with the already existing applications (both off-premise and on-premise) is to create your own code of integration. Using this approach, the IT staff and in-house developers write customized connectors for the integration of NetSuite with various systems available in the enterprise. However, hand coding has so many disadvantages, which undermine the benefits of deploying MuleSoft and other related cloud applications.

1. Maintenance – even after deploying hand-coded connectors, the IT staff and in house developers would perform on-going upgrades and maintenance for this integration to run efficiently and effectively. Additionally, each moment NetSuite release any upgraded version offered by its SaaS, the MuleSoft NetSuite connector may also need to be upgraded.

2. Cost because of the painstaking nature of these hand-coding, all custom integrations can lead to significant exorbitant costs and time investments. This is because in-house developers are mostly preoccupied with various writing integrations and other IT projects, which receive little attention and become delayed.

3. Scalability – where only two or three systems require being synchronized, custom integrations of hand-coded can be easily accomplished in a timely and manageable manner. As these systems become more complex and the number of points, which need to be integrated, continue to increase, hand coding can become unsustainable and difficult as an integration solution.

4. Technical Complexity for organizations with complex and large architectures, custom integrations such as MuleSoft NetSuite connector are complicated projects, which require specialized skill sets and technical expertise. This simply means that non-technical personnel like business analysts must therefore rely on in-house developers in order to write custom integrations, hence slowing down deployment times as well as delay the business processes automation.

Although offerings of NetSuite integration underscore the importance and need for integration in IT landscape and minimize the burdens, which come with solutions of hand-coded integrations these days, they also have some limitations. Lastly, even though NetSuite is consulting services and training courses can offer expert guidance and opinion on certain integration projects as well as use cases, the integration of MuleSoft and NetSuite will still need a significant amount of money, time, and effort without the right technologies and tools. Therefore, MuleSoft NetSuite Connector gives its user a lot of benefits and makes the whole process easier and more effective.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.