Netsuite Accounting Software Review

In modern business, you’ve had no choice but to go digital with everything. Since the nineties, computers have dominated your offices, the sounds of typing and printers clicking and whirring away. And now, with the huge explosion of internet capacity, and the flexibility of web interface technologies, you’re going to be adopting some SaaS.

This is because so many powerful specific-use software sites can be developed and leveraged in this form that were impractical before. Finally, software exists to do all of these tedious complex tasks that couldn’t be automated before. And, with financial software being something you need to make this migration with as soon as possible, you’ll be wondering about Netsuite accounting software.

See, Netsuite is one of the big names in SaaS, offering leading CRM, ERP, BI and other niches. Its competitor,, offers a similar big collection of services to match the same basic needs. They are the proverbial Coke and Pepsi of SaaS suites. So, since FinancialForce has been more than reviewed, let’s look at the Netsuite accounting software, its biggest competitor.

Netsuites user interface and logic to UX are very well thought out across the board with their designs. This is no exception for their accounting and financial suites, part of a larger set of high end ERP solutions that are very highly acclaimed.

The same stability, smoothness and easy adoption and training that you’ve enjoyed from any other Netsuite product you’ve used is present here like an old friend, or that reliable fuzzy blanket.

As for its features, they’re far from skimped on. This is not a fly by night bare bones solution by any means.

First, it automates the three big units of accounting, the general ledger, accounts receivable and accounts payable. With an unlimited general ledger set, and a single-click interface, approving, challenging or generating historical metric snap shots takes milliseconds.

Second, revenue recognition is also a one click task, and supports all manner of analysis filters, criteria and the like, with flaggable notifications for conditions and much more. This is probably the most streamlined rev rec tool out there right now actually.

Along with this, its expense management and tax management solutions, dynamically updated to meet current policies and variable requirements, makes old yearly purchases of tax and accounting tool chains a thing of the past, an artifact from the dark ages.

Finally, in this global communications world and the worldwide economy which are also products of the huge computer and internet boom, a myriad of currencies are going to be unitized for your payments and receipts more likely than not. Exchange rates are a paint.

But, the multi currency transaction and revaluation tools of this suite are top notch, and also always stay current, being streamed software with real time analysis of all the exchange rates from the global market exchanges themselves. That’s really slick. Ask anyone who deals in multi currency accounting if this is an impressive accomplishment, and watch their positively agog expression.

So, the Netsuite accounting software is quite powerful and very, very capable. If you’re going Netsuite, then you definitely want this to be part of your package, and if you’re using another accounting suite right now, compare it to this one, you may find you’re missing out.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.