NetSuite Birst – Features and Benefits

NetSuite Birst integration enables several different businesses to get greater operational efficiency via analysis of billings and bookings, order processing and exception analysis to mention a few. Birst’s patented data architecture of a cloud two-tier creates a single view of each of your data and also empowers business operators to analyze it using dashboards, reports, visual discovery, and mobile.

Birst drives operational excellence using advanced analytics for NetSuite. This means that Birst Operational Analytics for NetSuite offers insight into the operational and enhances agility of reporting. Birst offers a robust set of pre-created analytics for custom and standard deployments of NetSuite.

Birst’s patented automated data repository and analytics engine technology allows NetSuite users easily merge data with a wide range of other data sources, ranging from traditional relational-databases to the sales and marketing CRMs. This is to say that with NetSuite Birst integration, several different businesses can easily view and analyze their business data just within NetSuite.

NetSuite Birst – Features and Benefits

1. Automated Analytics Engine

The Automated Analytics and Data Repository from Birst is a great solution for helping various businesses create a reporting database of an enterprise-caliber and take a better, holistic approach to their business analytics. This helps to set up a better dimensional model, measures, grains to, keys, attributes and many more. The data repository for Birst contains built-in support purposely for cross-dimensional, snapshot and time-series analysis.

2. Executive Reports and Dashboards

Birst gives a solution to the consumers’ needs of business data with a wide offering of methods of distribution and data visualizations. With Birst for iPad for instance, users can easily explore business dashboards and reports with features of a native iOS. Unlike several data recovery tools available, Birst supports highly formatted and pixel-perfect reports, particularly for specialized use cases. This executive reports and dashboards of Birst can be embedded automatically in NetSuite.

3. Built For NetSuite Connector (Version 2014.2)

This integration brings about a sophisticated data connector for NetSuite, which supports incremental-scheduled extracts in all NetSuite objects. This leverages Advanced Search Method in NetSuite to extract necessary columns from objects and keep them in a warehouse of analytic ready data. NetSuite users can extract its Saved Searches and integrate the results with similar data sets available in Birst. Basically, this connector extracts custom lists as well as leverage NetSuite filters.

4. Data Exploration and Ad Hoc Reporting

Birst usually feature data exploration on top of their data repository. This user-friendly interface offers a simple mechanism for various business users to easily explore their data as well as find actionable insights. You can easily integrate data right from NetSuite and other various data sources in interactive visualizations and charts. While it is easy to use, Birst’s Ad Hoc Reporting offers a depth of functionality to give answers to the most difficult business questions.

Key Benefits

NetSuite Birst integration comes with several benefits to their users. Here are some of those benefits:

• This integration eliminates manual reporting and gains clarity into the bottlenecks. This result in understanding how to increase performance for billings, backlogs, and bookings.

• Seamless integration of more advanced analytics usually embedded automatically in NetSuite.

• Analyze the performance metrics of your ecommerce business integrated with operational data from various sources such as outsourced manufacturing, fulfillment, and 3PL.

• With Birst, you can go beyond standard analysis and reporting available in NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce applications and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

• It also enables comprehensive connectivity to the NetSuite objects with scheduled and incremental extracts.

• Helps the user to achieve unprecedented insight into the KPI’s subscription business such as renewal rates and deferred revenue.

• Offers an extensible data model of analytics (also referred to as meta-data) across the dimensions and also measures best-suited model for NetSuite.

• Instant access to all single objects available within NetSuite, which includes custom objects.

• Over 20 pre-built best practice reports to provide insight into specific and most common business processes.

• With NetSuite Birst integration, you are assured of an automated data warehouse, which combines data from NetSuite with that from other sources and applications, making it analytic ready for use.

Birst’s Free Version for NetSuite Users

Birst and NetSuite are offering a clear glimpse at what is now uncompromised that business intelligence is now heading to the cloud. NetSuite’s ERP customers and financials can get integrated and free access to business intelligence tools offered by Birst. This means that NetSuite users are able to view visualizations available in Birst, including 20 pre-built reports. Additionally, NetSuite users will also be able to access and view all conversion rates across customer types and products, billing trends and excellent metrics available around subscription business such as renewal rates and deferred revenue.

The capability of Birst draws from data already available in NetSuite so its users are not needed to do back-end work like creating a new data warehouse in order to get started. In addition, NetSuite Birst integration contains a free version tool known as Birst Express.

While several enterprise cloud services provide some analytic capabilities, they are not as easy or rich to use as the ones from latest version of cloud BI provider such as Birst. Birst is mainly focused on making data analytics more and easily accessible to various business workers. The main idea here is to allow more individuals working in an organization look at data, instead of creating bottleneck by requiring NetSuite users to request for analytics from certain analyst specifically trained to use a very complicated BI platform.

Last yet importantly, Birst has made it possible for NetSuite users who do not have any analytics background do not get into trouble. This is made possible as the company works very hard not to let business users make mistake of joining two different things, which are not really related.

The free version of Birst Express tool includes Birst Visualizer as well. This is a relatively new feature, which lets NetSuite users type a topic they’re interested in; for example, “region”, or “revenue”. This service will begin to plot charts in probably anticipates that the customer is looking for. Free users are able to upgrade to premium versions like Birst Discovery for NetSuite that allows users pull in various data from other programs commonly used in their companies like Birst Enterprise that include Birst’s services of data warehousing. This makes NetSuite Birst integration ideal solution for many organizations.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.