NetSuite Celigo Integration Overview

NetSuite Celigo Connector is specifically created for NetSuite customers. The Celigo Integrator is generally an integration platform of on-demand particularly designed for integrations of NetSuite. It is therefore a more than just a solution set to combine different applications. This integrator often encompasses actual solutions, including the most basic flows of data, which have been on a daily basis.

This integration has attracted a quite high number of customers with so many transactions done every day, making the Celigo integrator one of the most proven platforms to integrate various applications with NetSuite. Its user interface is exposed within NetSuite and its backend is also hosted on the best infrastructure. Additionally, all activities it runs are monitored around the clock and across the week by a team of skilled integration engineers.

The optimization-consulting program for Celigo provides NetSuite customers with resources for maximizing the value, which is derived from their investment within NetSuite. This means that Celigo perfectly understands better than any individual trying to go live with NetSuite is not just a one-time event. Actually, this specific usage based consulting solution offers an assigned Celigo consultant who understands NetSuite instance, your processes, and clients to further configure and improve the NetSuite solution.

NetSuite Celigo Integration Overview

Different Celigo Connector for NetSuite

1. 3PL Connector- This is a NetSuite bundle, which allows you to easily integrate any third-party fulfillment warehouse or center with NetSuite. The bundle installs very fast as well as out of the box. It also comes with an implementation of a base for CSV files over SFTP.

2. Salesforce Connector– The Celigo Salesforce to NetSuite Connector offers a streamlined and real-time integration between NetSuite and Salesforce to seamlessly create lead-to-cash process and improve CRM system.

3. Amazon Connector– This specific Connector for NetSuite is typically a subscription based Integration-as-as-Service which offers a completely automated integration between Amazon Marketplace and NetSuite.

4. Celigo Integrator – This Connector for NetSuite is a very powerful, but affordable way for automating data to NetSuite. It comprises scheduled flows of data with upgrade and free manual imports, making it a robust and simple way of exporting data from your own NetSuite account. It performs these exports and imports through an intuitive mapping interface for every of your outbound and inbound integration needs.

5. ChannelAdvisor Connector- This ConnectorNetSuite is also a subscription-based Integration-as-as-Service solution, which provides a completely automated integration between ChannelAdvisor MarketplaceAdvisor and NetSuite.

6. Amazon S3 CloudStorage – This is yet another solution for NetSuite Celigo integration that ties together best-of-breed cloud services by offering companies with the right storage solution. It seamlessly integrates Simple Storage Service S3 for Amazon through a very powerful and intuitive user interface.

7. CloudExtend for Google apps – This Celigo Connector for NetSuite enables really cloud-to-cloud synchronization of Google Contacts, Documents, Apps Gmail, and Calendar with NetSuite.

8. Descartes Route-Planner On-demand Connector– It is also an Integration-as-as-Service item that offers an automated integration between Descartes Route-Planner On-demand and NetSuite.

9. Magento Connector– It is one of the NetSuite Celigo integrations. It is therefore a subscription-based Integration-as-as-Service product that offers a completely automated integration between Magento ecommerce and NetSuite.

10. EBay Connector– It is one of the best NetSuite Celigo connector. It is a subscription-based Integration-as-as-Service solution that offers a completely automated integration between NetSuite and eBay.

11. Lockbox – It completely automates the capturing of all customer payments deposited directly at your bank account and safely synchronizes then into your own NetSuite account.

12. Excel SmartClient – This specific solution is designed is a simpler way to give you one-click access to the NetSuite data just from within Microsoft Excel. You can retrieve this data, update it, add more and even delete NetSuite data available in real-time with a simple user interface.

Major Benefits of NetSuite Celigo Integration

  • Allows the NetSuite users to effectively manage the integration right from a user-interface directly implemented within their accounts, including view logs, update data mappings just to mention a few.
  • It also allows users to select their preferred third-party logistics provider of their choice without causing any technology constraints.
  • Finally, it offers a fully automated and reliable integration. This means that it integrates with just any technical specification or Warehouse Management System (WMS), including XML files, web services calls or even flat files.

Key Features

1) Monitoring

Celigo Connector for NetSuite allows the user to monitor all aspects of this particular integration right from the context of just a single dashboard within your NetSuite account. Additionally, provides you with full visibility into this integration through meters, graphs, KPIs, custom port-lets as well as detailed log information and summary. The ability to fully monitor your account allows you to easily set up your preferred email alerts, which can notify you especially when problems occur.

2) On-Demand NetSuite User-Interface

This key feature of NetSuite Celigo integration offers a familiar NetSuite user-interface, which allows the user to manage the integration process directly in their accounts, using a complete array of technologies of SuiteFlex, including SuiteScripts, Suitelets, alerts, custom port-lets, and several other features, which make for a higher user experience. Additionally, it is created to operate as a Celigo-hosted service – integration-as-as-Service. This user interface is supported and monitored by Celigo to always ensure that the integration runs without interruption. This also includes insuring that this Connector will be compatible with any NetSuite updates.

3) Configuration and Mapping

The Celigo Connector for NetSuite includes the ability to map types of hierarchical data, custom fields and much more. It therefore allows the user to map various data fields, including these two from an external system to a record type available in NetSuite using an intuitive user-interface within the user’s NetSuite account. This allows the customer to make changes to their own integration solution without making any changes to code.

4) Key Data Flows

The fulfillment of orders can also be outsourced to a third-party with completely automated bi-directional integration through a Celigo Fulfillment Connector. The data exchanges that are supported here include:

A. Import Shipment Confirmations directly into NetSuite – as orders get fulfilled in a warehouse, all the shipment confirmations are also imported into the NetSuite as the item fulfillment transactions.

B. Push all sales order to 3PL – This means that any order pending fulfillment in NetSuite is imported directly into the center of fulfillment.

C. Advanced features like multiple packages and partial fulfillments are automatically handled.

D. Additionally, import the adjustments of inventory into NetSuite. This because the warehouse has the master inventory, the periodic inventory updates can therefore be created, including cycle counting.

In a nutshell, outsource your distribution and shipping logistics to the right third-party fulfillment organization and convert all your warehouse operations into a very competitive and most successful system of NetSuite Celigo Connector.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.