Netsuite Connector for Salesforce – Best Practices

Netsuite Connector provides a real time, streamlined integration between Netsuite and Salesforce so that an enhanced customer relationship management application or CRM and seamless lead to cash process can be created. It also provides back office visibility for the users within the Salesforce CRM as it supports all the back office operations.

It also enables the users to create sales orders and estimates with Netsuite from the Salesforce CRM in the real time with just a press of a button. It empowers the sales teams or the sales force to manage the customer relationship of the business with capabilities that are beyond the scope of traditional CRM or customer relationship management with the help of back office financial data of Netsuite which includes accounting, order fulfillment and management that is available in the Salesforce CRM.

Netsuite Connector also synchronizes the account information along with pricing data and product. The applications are used in real time that enables every department of business to act on the accurate and latest information at the earliest. This ensures smoother and more consistent operations with the information that is available.

Netsuite connector for Salesforce Best Practices  

Synchronizing contacts and customers

Sales and quotes are created from the Salesforce opportunities that allow the downstream organizations to eliminate the need to give information to the other department for redundant data entry so that they can act instantly. The connectors derive the related contacts from Salesforce automatically when it needs them.

Convert these opportunities to sales order and quotes

Multiple quotes can be created in Netsuite with a single opportunity as the connector creates quote custom object in Salesforce with PDF representation of quote that is stored in the Salesforce quote. These quotes are emailed directly from Salesforce by the sales representatives. It also supports subscription terms and line item level discounts. Sales order can be created in Netsuite which is also used for subsequent updates.

Back office visibility within the Salesforce

The Netsuite Connector also allows your Salesforce to monitor orders when they move through billing and fulfillment. Customer financial transactions can also be monitored in real time like refunds, credits, customer payments and invoices as the sales team can also access latest account financials.

Synchronize pricing and product

It provides current pricing and product information to the Salesforce with constant updates instantly from Netsuite to Salesforce. It also converts the price levels into the Salesforce price books that provide your sales force with the best and complete pricing option.

Export contract renewal records

You can take the help of Netsuite add on module for contract renewal which can be synched with the records of contract renewals like sales orders, quotes and opportunities. Thus the contract renewal opportunity can be effectively processed by your sales team as it also enables them to create a new opportunity in Salesforce.

Sync Netsuite order line items

You can keep your sales team updated with any change in sales order information which is created with Salesforce opportunity. Additional information can also be added to the sales order so that future changes can be included in the sales order of the Netsuite connector.

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