NetSuite eCommerce Software Review and Overview

NetSuite eCommerce is software designed to aid the online trader in running virtually the whole business, from order taking, inventory, accounting, and CRM management. It is used in all sorts of business, from production to retailing.

How does it work?

NetSuite eCommerce is basically a management system of cloud business. It is an integrated system of software designed to accomplish different tasks common to online traders like keeping records of the orders and even customer relationship management.

It is customizable so as to benefit different business people in different lines of business. This makes it easy to use by all sorts of online businesses no matter how different they may be. It is also very easy to incorporate into your traditional business system to ensure all your affairs are neatly packed into one powerful program.

One of the unique things about NetSuite eCommerce that make it stand out from the rest and the popular option with most of the online businesses is the fact that it is designed to accomplish almost any task related to online business management. As such, it can do virtually anything, but here is a more detailed look.

You can get website up and running easily and quickly so as to promote your online business using its site hosting services. The websites are also very easy to manage in your part, and they come with a look and feeling of formality to strengthen your impression on potential customers. Your customers also get the chance to serve themselves freely, a rising trend. The software makes it easy for the customers, leaving them fully satisfied at the end of it.

You are able to manage multiple web stores in multiple countries and using several different languages, including Russian, French, Japanese, Italian, Korean, and Spanish, eliminating any geographic limitations. It also gives you the ability to create automated cross-sell and up-sell recommendations, saving you a lot of time and work. You are also able to monitor any activities on your websites, allowing you to observe the customers’ behavior and respond accordingly.

It also supports multiple devices like Smartphones, laptops and iPads too, ensuring the user isn’t limited to a particular type of gadget. It allows you relate at the same time with fellow business people through its B2B feature. This aligns all the processes of billing and even pricing to conform to business-to-business transactions. It has many more options for the user to ensure there is as much ease of customization as possible. It is also updated regularly to ensure better services for the customers as time goes by.


The NetSuite eCommerce software comes at a price, albeit insignificant compared to what it has to offer. You have to pay during subscription and for usage as time goes by, but it is guaranteed to get the sales up if used right and pay for itself and so much more. Besides, you have to use money to make money, and there isn’t the slightest chance of risk in this case since the NetSuite eCommerce software has been tested and shown to work well for lots of online businesses.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.