Netsuite EDI Integration- Best Practices

Integration of NetSuite with EDI solutions can help in easily growing your business; in fact small businesses can use Data Integrator from CovalentWorks for NetSuite EDI integration, an easy-to-use and comprehensive solution, to make your business EDI compatible.

Effectiveness of CovalentWorks’ data integrator

This data integrator can be used for accommodating with the requirements of any EDI customer quickly along with integrating EDI transactions with any version of NetSuite directly. It saves your time by eliminating the entry of Advance Ship Notices (ASN’s), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) purchase orders and invoices through manual key. By making your business capable of making delivery accurately and quickly to the satisfaction of the customer it enables your business to process and ship thousands invoices and orders every month. The ease of use of this data integrator and validation of transactions helps in avoiding costly charge-backs to your business. By interacting optionally with 3PL’s including inventory systems, warehouses and shipping systems of the provider your business can grow efficiently.

Best practices to integrate NetSuite with EDI

You can interface information about EDI purchase orders including quantity, item, date of shipment, price, date of PO along with other imported data anytime 24×7 with NetSuite. This information about EDI orders can be printed and sent to any number of people if required as it is supported by NetSuite. Sales receipts, invoices and sales orders are the other information about EDI orders that can be interfaced into NetSuite.

Various fields of Advanced Ship Notice along with barcodes of GSI-128 shipping label, an associated document, branded packing slips for drop ship suppliers, pick lists and packing slips can be filled automatically from the information got from EDI purchase order by pre-setting default values in common fields. The errors that can cause charge-backs can be checked through the validation option designed especially for this purpose.

Data from EDI purchase orders also helps in filling the invoices and ASNs automatically, when needed. Multiple invoices can also be created automatically from multiple EDI orders as EDI invoices of all types are properly supported with NetSuite integration. The lines of purchase orders can split into various lines on the invoice, if needed.

The available information about order, ASN and summary of invoice listings can be sorted and filtered to create reports. The receipt of transactions to the EDI customers can be confirmed from the ASN confirmation receipt as well as invoice receipt available online.

Any type of EDI transaction required by EDI customers is supported by a number of documents including ASN, purchase order, purchase order acknowledgement, invoice, product activity reports planning schedule, order inquiry, inventory inquiry, distribution document, transportation document, remittance advices, logistics document, functional acknowledgment and warehouse shipping notice etc.

NetSuite EDI integration supports the compliance of EDI with customers from any industry such as grocery, retail, healthcare, pharmacy, shipping and transportation, automotive, wholesale distribution, trucking facility and industrial solutions etc.

Thus NetSuite EDI integration can help in growing your any kind of business easily and quickly with the help of Data Integrator from CovalentWorks.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.