Netsuite for Android Overview

Netsuite for Android is an app from Netsuite which is the world’s leading Cloud-business management software-suite and it has over 20,000 organizations. Netsuite was made specifically to meet the needs of high growth and mid sized businesses and the divisions of larger enterprises and organizations.

Netsuite helps in automating operations, streamlining business processes, decreasing the IT costs and IT complexity, and it also improves real time visibility across the organization by providing a single and a complete web based software that covers all the core business processes. These business processes can include: accounting and enterprise resource planning (often abbreviated as, ERP), inventory management, customer-relationship management (often abbreviated as, CRM), professional services automation and E-commerce.
Netsuite for Android includes a calendar which is used to track and manage the time, it’s also used to access time sheets and expense-reports using an android user-interface which has an instantaneous synchronization of up to date customer information, project and task-data. Netsuite Service-Vertical general manager stated that the new netsuite for Android will put power of cloud on the palm of the user’s hand and it will enable users to perform their work more efficiently.

The Netsuite platform allows its users to up-date and submit both time and the expense reports for their projects and tasks.The netsuite platform lets professionals in IT-services, consulting, advertising, digital marketing, media and publishing enter their receipt data, and also take photos of expense receipts with their Android devices, and attach those photos to a record, and then synchronize the attached information with the company’s back end Netsuite account.

Netsuite Android app saves the users a lot of time. You can enter your time and your expenses while on your way, or while commuting or upon the completion of the work at a customer-site. It allows you real time synchronization. You can easily breeze through your intuitive calendar-interface for time-tracking, and you can capture expense-receipts using your android smartphone-camera and then submit the pictures for expedited-approvals, on the go.

The Main Features Include

  • Accounting and ERP
  • Analytics, Dashboards
  • Inventory-Management and Order Management
  • CRM, CRM-Analytics, SFA, Marketing, Customer-Service
  • Quoting, Sales Order-Management
  • E-commerce
  • Multi Language, Multi Currency, Multiple-Company and Locations
  • Professional Services-Automation
  • Data Import and Export, Role based Security, Developer-API
  • Mobile-Access, Integration with both Microsoft Office and Outlook
  • Workflow engine

This app provides a convenient-way to get access and edit your NetSuite CRM-data while on the go. You can empower your work team by giving them instant-access to the important NetSuite CRM-information. Users can easily look up a customer’s-address and instantly get the directions using google maps integration. Users can update clients contact information right on the spot. They can also can call or/and email a customer/client with just a single gesture from the netsuite app. Users can search for their customers and any relevant information by only speaking into their phone or alternatively perform a text-based search.

Some of the key benefits of Netsuite for Android include:

  • Time Tracking Entries
  • Add and edit customers
  • Add and edit prospects
  • Add and edit contacts
  • Add and edit cases
  • Add and edit opportunities
  • Edit quotes
  • View inventory items and details
  • Switch to different-roles
  • Search at-server among others


Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.