NetSuite LightCMS Review

NetSuite LightCMS is generally a company that offers a very powerful and easy-to-use cloud-based platform for designing attractive online stores and websites. LightCMS is directed by its philosophy of the sophisticated simplicity to offer an ideal set of tools for nonprofits, individuals, small and medium-sized business enterprises who want to sell their products or services online. It is also one of the best platforms for creative agencies and web designers.

It offers developers and designers the opportunity to design and develop custom websites, making it easier for their clients to manage themselves. Currently, LightCMS is one of the leading web-based software platforms that serve a lot of users across the world.

Additionally, this is an ecommerce software and web CMS solution that makes it easier to create and launch a site. This program usually comes with a library of design template for both standard and mobile web pages. As a user, you can chose any template, and then decide to drag and drop several different web objects such as media, blogs, forms and many more into it.

If you are an expert user, you can easily work on the WYSIWYG editor, automatically insert, and edit scripts and HTML codes. The system can also launch a complete online store together with order management and processing tools. This platform also comes with some great SEO features to help in raising the ranks of web pages in the result pages of search engines.

NetSuite LightCMS Review

Key Features 

  •  The solution contains several templates of features design for WebPages
  •  It uses search engine optimization to bring up the ranks of various websites in search engines
  •  Its software solution for e commerce and SaaS web CMS
  •  Users can either move webpage elements or edit HTML through a system of WYSIWYG
  •  This solution makes it easier for e commerce platform to process and manage orders
  •  It also hosts calendars, forms, media and many more
  •  With it, it is easier to create both standard and mobile web pages.


For web designers as well as those who create websites, this platform is an ideal solution. For instance, for a relatively affordable annual fee, its members have an access to several different features created to help their online business thrive. In addition, Partner Platform subscribers get a base price of just $19 per month for its unlimited plan, which is $99 per month, and it is an ideal discount of more than 80 percent.

With great features such as dedicated Account Management no-cost websites while in development, automated client sign-up and billing, and multi-website management, this Partner Platform is really the most powerful and versatile solution for running an online business.

The Availability of Digital Goods 

The availability of Digital Goods is LightCMS’ new feature that gives its customers an opportunity to leverage its platform to offer free or sell downloads of specific digital goods such as software, videos, music, games just to mention a few. This addition of Digital Goods to the NetSuite LightCMS platform is typically built upon it already availabilities for the internet business of physical goods. This allows any online merchant to easily offer a combination of any of the two goods; for example, offering the music album as a shipment of physical CD, a digital download, or just a combination of both.

In keeping with LightCMS sophisticated simplicity strategy, Digital Goods offers a very powerful functionality, which is easier for anyone, even web novices to navigate or use. LightCMS users can add any digital products to their websites or online stores so easily. It is also easier to edit and manage through its familiar interface of store management.

It is evident that most people want to sell their products through the internet, but these products are not physical. Therefore, the availability of this feature for digital goods within this platform gives the ability to design websites, which meet the client’s requirements for selling digital items with the hassle of integrating a third party.

When buying digital goods through the internet, LightCMS will automatically fulfill the client’s order by delivering download links through email as well as on the online order receipt of the customer. Additionally, if an online merchant ever updates any digital product, the system will automatically email previous buyers to notify them about the availability of new version for download. The system also allows websites to generate some free download links specifically for use in advertisements and promotions. They are single-use links that can be emailed directly to customers. Their usage history can also be tracked through its interface of store management.

The availability of these Digital Goods feature also gives its customers a completely new way of broadening their offerings to attract more customers and maximize their revenue streams and site traffic. It also gives online merchants great, new flexibility of selling digital, physical or the combination of goods in just a single order. This heightens the LightCMS’ appeal to a wider range of website operators and e-commerce.

LightCMS’ New Partner Platform for Resellers and Designers

NetSuite LightCMS is new Partner Platform is yet another great program launched to give resellers and designers access to a full CMS platform. Basically, this platform gives resellers and design agencies the ability of creating websites with unlimited storage, unlimited pages and other capabilities of online store such as a multi-website management and unlimited product capacity within a single account, as well as top-tier web hosting.

This new Partner Platform also enables resellers and designers to focus mainly on what they do best in designing leading-edge sites with standard-based platform, which does not need special programming languages while at the same time offloading server hosting, maintenance and upgrades to the LightCMS.

Lastly, this Partner Platform gives a great opportunity for the future of resellers and design agencies. The attractive and flexibility pricing is an added advantage for such an easy-to-use platform which has been helping people in the world of internet. NetSuite LightCMS platform has made the online business less expensive and more enjoyable because of its easy-to-use and affordable pricing factors.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.