Netsuite Mailchimp Integration

Netsuite Mailchimp integration is fast becoming the most sought achievement in online businesses marketing. There has been numerous breakthroughs in online marketing using cloud based customer relationship management and email marketing models. Provision of software as a service has resulted in e-commerce success on various departments. Some of the most renowned providers are Netsuite and Mailchimp.

Netsuite is known for its incredible CRM and marketing tools while Mailchimp offers email marketing solutions currently enjoyed by over 6 million people. Although having these two systems results in a lot of benefits, it is incomparable to the advantages witnessed when a seamless synchronization is achieved. Integrating the software to work together in managing marketing campaigns, customer relationships and analytics is very important. Fortunately, this is now possible with an array of new apps capable of syncing the two.

Netsuite Mailchimp Integration Features

There are several features included in integrating Netsuite and Mailchimp. Some of the properties you will be able to sync include contacts, links, leads and customers. You can therefore view contacts from one app and access details input in the other. Opt-outs can also be automatically managed. The integration allows one to trigger certain actions such as auto-responders of one app from the other. For example, you can trigger Mailchimp auto-responders from the Netsuite interface or sync them back altogether. Triggers are basically action-completing processes such as creating new contacts or mails. The integration enables one to create a trigger and have the action completed for them automatically. The main role of the integration is to end up with a master list that allows modification and automatic response for both applications without manually updating. This way, custom fields can be mapped and combined to achieve easy access and editing from either interfaces.

How to sync Netsuite and Mailchimp

Synchronizing Netsuite and Mailchimp is done using third party software or apps that harmonize data held in the two differently created services. You must first ensure both services are fully functional with sufficient data to be sync. There exist many application software used to integrate the two services and each comes with specifications for achieving the sync. However, the basic processes will require one to perform certain tasks.

First, you need to set up a list in Mailchimp and create merge tags. You can then add fields to the lists and create groups if you wish to since that is optional. You will then need to generate a Mailchimp API key that allows the set up of synchronizing apps. After this, you can proceed with the specific procedures required by the software used in integration. It basically involves setting up the synchronizing configurations of the software.

Usually, these apps have a sync profile (you have to create one) from which you can set up the sync. There are options for different types of sync depending on the software you choose to use although the basic ones are Netsuite-to-Mailchimp or Mailchimp-to-Netsuite. The next part is configuring Netsuite which involves logging to your account, creating a saved search and adding Internal Ids. There will be an option to sync email marketing which allows you to transfer such statistics from Mailchimp to Netsuite.

The last phase of integration is to set up Mailchimp configuration by pasting the API and lists created earlier in the process. You can sync add-ons before mapping fields and prompting the final synchronization. Depending on the number of items being sync, the process may take a few minutes. Different software used in syncing Netsuite and Mailchimp have slightly varied integration procedures depending on the configuration of their apps.

Usually, new contacts will be created when you visit the subscribers groups in your Mailchimp after syncing. Good software should include a variety of features that allow the following tasks:

  • Sync contacts, leads, customers, campaigns and responses
  • Field mapping between the two systems (Netsuite and Mailchimp)
  • Netsuite call tracking from Mailchimp
  • Sync auto-responses to Netsuite

Advantages of Integration

There are many advantages of integrating both systems when compared to using them separately. With this integration, the sales team using Netsuite can effortlessly monitor all customers, leads, suspects and prospects activities. They can see what are clicked on or opened from targeted emails sent by the marketing team using Mailchimp.

They can also change an autoresponder series to a prospect and the sync apps will quickly remove this from Mailchimp’s autoresponder series. This form of marketing automation promotes efficiency which provides sufficient time to manage your campaign more effectively. The sales team can simply keep working using Mailchimp while they sync back all the data to Netsuite customers, contacts and/or leads.

The major benefits of Netsuite Mailchimp integration include the following:

  •  Syncing Netsuite leads, contacts and companies into the Mailchimp master list
  •  Automatically managing opt-outs in Netsuite databases from Mailchimp
  •  Syncing and mapping hard bounces to CRM fields between both fields
  •  Triggering auto-responders in Mailchimp from Netsuite by simple updates on field status
  •  Syncing saved searches from Netsuite to the Mailchimp groups
  •  Syncing campaign responses of Mailchimp to Netsuite records

After the integration, you will note that Netsuite will often receive superior precedence over Mailchimp which implies every alteration in the former affects the latter. It is also important to note that contacts and leads will only be sync from Mailchimp if the email address is not present in Netsuite at the time of integration. As much as syncing the two systems has many benefits, it is important to effectively develop and fill details in each system before completing the sync. This will cut down the work needed in the future by identifying all inconveniences during preliminary operation stages.

Netsuite and Mailchimp are very vital software that enables fluid cloud marketing and campaigning activities. Using them separately in the different business departments already produce tremendous advantages. However, syncing expands these advantages to allow efficient communication facilitated by automatic responses and alterations. This reduces time spent in updating by ensuring seamless management of marketing campaigns from both systems. Some software will allow sync add-ons that enable syncing call tracking metrics to Mailchimp. You should carefully choose the software used in Netsuite Mailchimp integration to get all the features needed for your business.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.