Netsuite Marketing Automation Software – Complete Guide

For a company to fully utilize Netsuite marketing automation, they have to have the right tools. This will enable them to attract and even keep customers by aligning their advertising and sales processes, managing their marketing expenditures, supporting proper one on one marketing and gauging the effectiveness of their promotions and campaigns in real time.

To meet the growing needs of businesses, NetSuite CRM offers the first and only marketing automation capability in the industry that enables companies to build, implement and even measure the achievements of their marketing campaigns. This program also allows companies to tailor their marketing campaigns and messages more precisely, leading to a sharper competitive edge and grander market share.

Netsuite Marketing Automation Software – Complete Guide

Key Benefits

  • ¬†Streamlines all the marketing processes using a scalable endwise marketing automation solution
  • ¬†Swiftly creates and streamlines the implementation of multi-channel campaigns Boosts sales by efficiently collaborating with the team selling
  • Helps in gaining real-time visibility into the entire marketing process starting from the creation of campaigns to the executions to sale
  • The program collaborates closely with sales and the other business units to swiftly convert leads to prospects
  • ¬†Enables businesses to reach out to their customers in a more personal and targeted manner

NetSuite has the following crucial marketing automation features:

  • Online Lead Form
  • Targeted Customer Segmentation
  • Referral, Lead Source & Promotion Code Tracking
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Campaign Tracking & Analysis
  • Keyword and SEO Marketing

Online Lead Forms

For most companies leads tend to come from different sources such as, purchased lists, referrals, cold calling, and online forms. However, managing and even tracking these lead sources can be a challenge.

With the NetSuite CRM software, companies have several possibilities for lead entry. This includes online forms that enable businesses to capture their leads directly from the company website. The program also has XML and CSV import capabilities for detecting any duplication when companies use manual entry, purchased lists, and from leads obtained through referrals and cold calling.

The Netsuite marketing automation also allows companies to customize their lead qualification and even scoring process in a manner that is more meaningful to the business. Furthermore, by combining the lead management with the full view of client CRM data, companies can easily assess the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Targeted Customer Segmentation

Companies that recurrently tune their client marketing efforts are gradually turning to marketing automation tools to enable them acquire and retain customers and also generate new revenue sources. However, even the best marketing tools are useless, unless the business is promoting its services and products to a directed base of customers and prospects.

Using the NetSuite CRM, businesses can create, execute, and even measure their own marketing campaigns. This software updates information on the customer profiles and segments based on the regular input of new data. In addition, it continuously mines that specific data providing superior business intelligence. This client segmentation information can be retrieved from response patterns across various campaigns like training initiatives, conferences, and direct mail. It can also come from demographics and order histories of existing clienteles.

Referral, Lead Source and Promotional Code Tracking

Most companies have difficulties tracking all their referrals, lead sources, and promotions every day. With multiple promotions and multiple channels, businesses require a better method of tracking their complicated marketing activities and their domino effect.

To meet the desires of growing companies, the NetSuite’s CRM application allows businesses to track all their essential marketing data and offer lead management capabilities in one powerful application. In addition, the software enables companies to generate promotional discounts and even track those using promotional codes. These promotions can be designed in a variety of ways that offer maximum flexibility, for example, dollar-discount, percent-based, one-time use, or using a set of expiry dates.

Email Marketing

Email is one of the most effective, cheapest, and fastest marketing tools for most companies. Netsuite marketing automation enables companies to use email marketing to address their targets and to effectively execute and manage their e-mail marketing campaigns. The NetSuite CRM+ software is the first CRM solution that enables companies to maximize their e-mail advertising efforts.

In addition, the program provides a bulk e-mailing capability that has unrestricted volumes for each campaign. Furthermore, all these are managed under one system, which is convenient for companies. The software has features that enable you to send mass emails without any hassle or excess cost. It also enables companies to personalize their emails to suit the needs of the specific customers.

Marketing Campaign Management Tracking & Analysis

For companies to maximize the returns from their marketing campaigns, they should be in a position to track and even manage them. With the incorporated campaign management in NetSuite CRM, companies can tack all their offline, online and direct promotions in real time and also through summary reports.

With the NetSuite CRM Application, companies can generate highly targeted campaigns that are based on the support cases and purchase histories of their customers. In this way, the company meets the needs of the client and also anticipates them. In addition, the software helps companies by optimizing their marketing promotions on the fly by offering performance reports and real-time ROI on the personalized Dashboard. When using real-time metrics, companies can improve their abilities to identify problems and pinpoint new opportunities.

Keyword and SEO Marketing

This feature enables companies to easily measure the success of their paid search campaigns together with all the other promotions at the keyword level. In addition, it enables businesses to analyze conversion costs, conversion rates, revenue ROI and leads more efficiently through search engine and keyword to ensure campaigns that are more lucrative. The software also helps companies to identify keywords and search engines that are both problematic and successful and then modify your financial plan accordingly.

Marketing automation will always be an active section of the CRM software market. This is because there are new vendors that are entering the market and the present market leaders are regularly revolutionizing and distributing new product updates. These days, most of the solutions can be divided into and business to consumer and business to business solutions. Therefore, it is important to choose a solution that suits your type of business. The NetSuite marketing automation software will automate the entire marketing process, allowing companies to better align their programs and campaign with their sales representatives and elevate their sales levels.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.