Netsuite Marketing – Features and Benefits

NetSuite marketing is a tracking function, which offers little in the automation way. It largely supports the traditional campaigns’ setup, attributes quality leads by source, tracks resolution and status of marketing-derived leads, distributes leads based-on rules, and offers basic campaign reporting.

NetSuite marketing automation solution automates your entire process of marketing, giving you a chance to perfectly align programs and campaigns with your sales professionals. This software also enables you to quickly generate extremely qualified leads, which are ready for successful sales engagement.

It offers a clear framework for the user to target, create, execute and/or measure the marketing campaigns’ success, taking the really complexity out of lead conversion and qualification. The software also allows you to track and measure any activity of a prospect, identify when a given lead meets the required buyer-readiness conditions, and then pass it to sales once it meets the pre-defined criteria.

As the world’s number one and most popular cloud-business software provider, NetSuite marketing helps so many companies streamline and operate their businesses in the cloud. For instance, NetSuite’s distribution and ecommerce software can help in the growth of your business and offer new services while reducing costs and increasing customer service. Being the best cloud solution, it also comes with several benefits and features.


Why use NetSuite for your Marketing Needs?

It’s integrated – NetSuite can easily combine complete customer-facing e-commerce and CRM capabilities with self-service portals and back-office ERP for partners. This helps companies to automate processes and integrate fragmented data from end-to-end.

It’s intelligent – the system can keep all organizational data in just a single database, allowing the users to access their key performance metrics usually on a customizable and real-time dashboard. This means that NetSuite enables the user to make better, quick decisions. You simply don’t need to switch back and forth or integrate data.

It’s simple – With NetSuite marketing application, strategies and implementations are both affordable and faster than traditional marketing applications. For instance, based on your business needs, modularity will enable phased implementations. NetSuite also significantly lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Netsuite Marketing – Features and Benefits


  • Landing Page and Forms – With NetSuite marketing solution, you can easily create your landing pages using an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface. It’s simple to build various re-usable templates to create a great, consistent feel and look. Instantly, form submission creates leads in the CRM system for sales follow up.
  • Lead Reporting and Analytics – This feature allows you to get full insight into all your marketing programs by lead source, promotions and program type in real-time. Seamlessly, you can track your lead-to-revenue to measure return in investment (ROI) of your lead generation programs.
  • Customer Case Study – Cosmetics educator Mud can also use NetSuite marketing automation platform to cut cost while growing its business
  •  Campaign and Email Management – This helps create and track the most targeted marketing campaigns. It also helps manage end-to-end mass-email campaigns such as email personalization, auto-unsubscribe capabilities of SPAM-complaint, target list creation, and database management.
  • Website SEO – Allow connect with your clients and customers as early as possible in the buying-cycle with the search-engine-friendly pages. As result, you get high rankings in various search engines for web pages generated in a dramatic manner.
  • NetSuite CRM Data-Sheet – NetSuite also offers comprehensive marketing, sales and service capabilities.


1. Effective and Efficient Multi-Channel Campaign Management 

This marketing automation solution help streamline execution of various marketing campaigns throughout multiple channels, including social media, email and website.

2. Unify Various Business Processes throughout The Company

You can quickly automate key function of your business such as marketing, inventory, sales, service, purchasing, order fulfillment, employee management, and finance using a single and integrated platform for Ecommerce, CRM and Accounting/ERP. With NetSuite marketing automation platform, you don’t need to re-enter your business data in several different systems, wait for nay batch updates, or rectify inaccurate or inconsistent data. Instead, you will be able to view and share accurate, consistent data in real time. This leads to increased productivity and greater collaboration among various departments.

3. Real-Time Visibility and Reporting

NetSuite for marketing comes with a great built-in support for industry-specific dashboards and marketing processes that offer real time visibility across your entire company, from operations to marketing to sales to invoicing. Customizable dashboards allow timely business decisions, supporting intelligent and real-time access, particularly to key performance metrics. Additionally, full visibility into unified marketing records leads to more efficient and highly customized marketing, fulfillment, as well as service processes.

4. Improve Sales Collaboration 

NetSuite marketing automation solution also helps align marketing and sales objectives to enhance collaboration by automatically converting quality leads into customers.

5. Reduces Marketing and Operating Costs

Taken entirely, NetSuite marketing solution significantly reduces the cost of marketing and operations. Fulfillment and inventory management, automated order processing, marketing and sales automation, integrated financial management, and real time reporting are just some of the industry specific processes, which can reduce operating costs, increase your bottom line, and streamline business operations.

6. Automated Order Processing

This marketing automation platform automatically links customer orders from websites or call centers to doorstop of the customer. Tracking and full-process visibility, together with integrated order and shipping fulfillment, help in easing the challenges of marketing campaigns and distribution. The platform can also help you deal with the challenges, which come with volumes of dynamic order.

7. Shorten Sales Cycle

This platform can also help deliver extremely relevant content to various prospects in a timely manner, guiding them all through the buying cycle.

8. Extended Marketing Processes to Customers, Partners and Suppliers

Because it’s important and necessary to work closely with your partners with an extended organization, NetSuite for marketing comes with self-service portals, which improve both B2C and B2B collaboration. Additionally, proactive notification, especially of partner-specific events improves responsiveness and facilitates process cycles, ensuring your place as right, preferred partner.

With a single and integrated NetSuite platform for ERP, ecommerce, and CRM, business functions can easily be automated throughout all departments, including marketing, sales, finance, order fulfillment, employee management, service, purchasing, inventory, and order fulfillment.

In conclusion, NetSuite marketing campaigns can easily be integrated with Google AdWords or any other authority search engine to track paid search-campaigns, especially at the keyword level to measure leads, customers, conversion costs, conversion rates, payback and revenue by search engine and keyword.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.