Netsuite Pricing – What You should Know

A large number of folks want to know about the Netsuite Pricing, and this has become the hot topic, from a long time. Many people want to know about the lack of clarity in the Netsuite pricing of products and why the prices of the implementation of these products vary so much.

Netsuite Pricing of Implementation of Products

Actually, the implementation of Netsuite products requires so much skill and experience, that’s why, the engineers require to do this job should be highly trained and they should have sufficient experience performing this duty, efficiently. Netsuite soft ware’s are very complicated, in terms of functionality, that’s why, the engineer for this job, have to go for the on the job training, for many years, before understanding the functionality of this software in its entirety.

Every successful implementation of this software requires a complete knowledge of the existing systems and the training to customize the functionality of the Netsuite software, according to the needs and requirements of the customer. Because, this job needs some highly professional engineers, the hourly rate for this job is very high, comparable to other technical jobs. The hourly rate in the U.S. for this job, can be as high as 200$ and if you talk about Europe, then it can go up to 250$ per hour. The hourly rate in these economies is very high because of the high per capita income of these economies.

As everyone knows, the per capita income level of the India is very low compare to these economies, the same job can be done in India, at much less cost and you also will get the same quality of work. For the same Netsuite implementation job, the hourly rate in India can go as low as 50$ to 60$, which is just 25-30% of rate, comparable to U.S. and Europe.

Netsuite Pricing of the Packages of Software 

Net ERP- The price of the ERP package is 399$ per month. In this package, you will get the one full user with unlimited access and 10 additional users with limited access and each additional user would have to pay 99$ per month.

Netsuite for small business- you can avail this package at 99$ per month. You will also get one full user with unlimited access and 10 additional users with limited access, in this package, but if you have additional full users, you would only have to pay 49$ per user monthly.

Net CRM+ – you will have to pay 129$ per month, for this package. You will get one full user with unlimited access, but you would have to pay an extra 129$, for every additional user.

Net CRM- The price of this package is 79$ per month. In this package, you will get one full user with unlimited access and some additional users. You have to pay 79$ per month, for each additional user.


If you want to buy some extra add-on products with the package, you can easily buy it, from its website and you will also get some additional features with it.

With the help of this article, you know each and every thing about the Netsuite pricing and its products, so now; you can easily go to its website and buy your desired product, without any hesitation.


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