Netsuite Problems to Be Aware Of

You might not be aware of Netsuite problems, but it’s important to be informed of the issues surrounding this software. Netsuite problems are challenges faced by the business technology vendor which is based in California and San Mateo. The Netsuite portfolio includes financial management, customer relationship management, and e- commerce.

The following are the Netsuite problems which you may face:

The Cost

If you are a beginner, the cost of Netsuite is a challenge; it’s expensive. Normally, there are 5 to 25 employees who use their internal systems to manage inventory, do orders, purchase orders, and apply for cash receipts. In addition, the employees print checks, track production, and reconcile accounts. This requires a lot of money to maintain the company. On average, the implementation of 10 users ranges from $8,000 to $15,000 per year. This depends on the module they require. This makes the long-term price of annual service of Netsuite to be significantly expensive.

The Challenge of Performance in the Cloud 

The performance of netsuite is sometimes inconsistent. The problems revolves around poorly configured routers, access points which offers limited access and blocked satellite by storm systems. The cloud-based technology also suffers from poor infrastructure, which requires many years so that it can provide good performance. If you are looking up for a phone number or updating a contact, netsuite may require updating. However, it requires speed and reliability because of the tracking costs from one work center to another.

The Reputation of the Company  

Netsuite users, former users and business partners are vocal on the social media channels. Hence, they share extreme frustrations regarding constant price escalations, poor customer support, product instability issues and system downtime.

Stiff Headwinds From Other Companies 

There is a stiff headwind from companies which provides cloud infrastructure services. Some of the leading companies are Racks space and Amazon. However, there are a number of smaller information technology companies worldwide which offer hosting options for their clients with additional services which are not provided by racks space and Amazon.

The Customization Tools are Difficult to Use 

The customization tools provided by the company are complimentary. But, they are non –intuitive and limited in function.

Notoriously Troublesome Product Upgrades 

The company uses an old fashion phase upgrade release philosophy that is similar to traditional on premise software solutions. As a result, users who are experienced wait until a new release has undergone an additional maintenance.

The Changing Attitude of the Prospective Clients 

This is one of the major problems. Very important information can get lost in an extended period. There is a fear that Netsuite providers may lose data even though they have been trying to avoid the problems from occurring. Moreover, the company admits that parts of the outsourced data are not in their control.

In conclusion, Netsuite is a way of life. Most of the people have migrated to Netsuite because the firm offers more features than its competitors. In fact, they are very much willing to put up with the problems, which the companies face in a cloud environment since they are committed to succeed. This is a software that makes your business more efficient. It’s good to be aware of Netsuite problems, but all in all these are not major issues that should deter you.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.