Netsuite Report Builder – Best Practices

As everybody knows, the financial report plays a very important part, in any kind of organization, and through the help of Netsuite report builder, you can create these financial reports, more efficiently. The financial reports use to be very complex and highly structured, formal documents which are bound by different laws and rules. Only a professional and experienced accounting person should create and edit these reports, in all organizations. With the help of Netsuite report builder, a professional accounting person can easily create these financial reports, more efficiently.

With the help of report builder features of Netsuite, you can easily edit or create any kind of report, based on its category. If you want to create a financial report then it would directly take you to the financial report builder page, or if you want to create any other kind of report then it would also take you to the page concerned.

You can find many country’s financial reports formats in the Netsuite Oneworld. So you don’t have to worry about different legislation, state rules, norms, and other practices you should follow to prepare the financial reports, because you will find all the formats, in a single place, through the help of this software.

If you want to create or edit the financial reports in Netsuite, you would require a financial statements permission and report customization permission in order to perform those tasks. After you obtain these permissions, there are numerous ways by which you can access the Financial Report Builder in Netsuite.

  • With the help of reports tab menu

There are three ways by which you can access the financial report builder, through the help of reports tab menu and they are following-

1. First, you would have to click on the reports tab menu and then on a new financial report tab. The Next step would be to click on the financial statement type on the concerned list, and then choose the select financial statement page.

2. You would have to choose the financing option and then you should go to the submenu and select the financial statement option and click on the customize link of that option. Mostly, all of your reports will open on the default financial report builder of Netsuite, but if the selected document is not the financial statement of any kind, it would take you to the regular report builder page.

3. Click on the banking/ budgeting option, then from the submenu, click on a document, which you want to open and after that you should click on the customize option on it.

  • You can also access the financial report builder by running the financial statement option. After that, just click on the customize button on the results page.
  • With the help of edit option, you can also access the financial report builder, very easily. Under category of saved reports, just click on the edit link of any saved financial statement, and it would take you directly to the page concerned.

You can include different kind of charts with the drop down capabilities in the concerned reports and you will also find a collection of pre built reports in the Netsuite report builder, so you can easily perform your tasks with more efficiency.


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