Netsuite Reporting Tools You Need To Know

Netsuite is today most effective cloud Enterprise Reporting and Resource Planning Solution that caters over 20,000 organizations from across 100 plus countries. With the tools contrived by the company, it has proven itself indispensable in the field of e-commerce processes. And here are three of the top Netsuite reporting tools that should be of the essence for every virtual enterprise holdings.

Netsuite ERP

Netsuite ERP is capable of delivering comprehensively proven financial management capacities needed to cultivate a dynamic, complex business. Netsuite ERP can take your business beyond the traditional accounting software functionality by streamlining multiple operations throughout your whole organization, as well as providing you real-time visibility and thus, help you make better, smarter decisions in a much lesser turnaround.

Major Benefits

Accelerate the whole order-to-cash process by up to about 50% and above-Slashes down financial close by up to 50%-Drives better, faster modes of decision-making through real-time data presentation and reporting altogether with personalized dashboards-Improve workforce productivity through anytime and anywhere accessibility-Lowers the cost of ownership through the elimination of upfront, ongoing IT expenses, and delivering purely automatic product upgrades.

Netsuite CRM

Netsuite Customer Relationship Management or CRM Software happens to be the only cloud based solution capable of delivering 360 degrees of real-time customer view. This tool can provide seamless data flow across the whole life cycle of customers from leads all the way to the opportunities such as sales orders, order fulfillment, upselling, renewal, cross-selling as well as support.

As an addendum to the conventional CRM capabilities such as SFA, marketing automation and customer support, Netsuite CRM can deliver quotes, commissions, order management, sales forecasting, and other types of integrated e-commerce capabilities.

Major Benefits

Streamlines the whole lead-to-cash process-Raises productivity throughout the organization with the ultimate feat, the 360-degree customer view-Reinforces performance of sales via forecasting, commission management and upsell-Make global sales and organizational services much easier to manage

Netsuite Professional Services Automation

The Netsuite PSA solution can help plan, track and exhibit projects with cutting edge precision. It is designed to increase the visibility into each of your professional service organization, streamline billing and invoicing, elevate the project delivery to drive profitability, and improves overall resource utilization. It is a collection of integrated solutions that can provide potent tools that are of the essence in managing your projects, finances and resources. Whether you are trudging to gain full control of your projects, delivering more output with less input, or accurately invoicing your clients, there is no better answer than NetSuite PSA.

Major Benefits

Sets out real-time visibility, performance and profitability of your services organization-Reinforces on-time delivery of projects in order to draw much better success rates of projects-Elevates resource utilization through advanced management and functionality of resources-Arms your services organization with mobile accessibility to expense and time management-Lessens hardware maintenance expenses and upgrading troubles via cloud-centered delivery.

In order to make your business a more indispensable, reliable entity in the industry, it needs to be equipped with the most appropriate utilities. What better boons can you get other than the spectrum of NetSuite reporting tools available for the innovation of your daily business reporting and management processes?


Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.