Netsuite Sharepoint Integration Overview

Netsuite SharePoint integration helps to combine a lot of functions to a single software solution. As you know, NetSuite is one of the best business management program that most business are using nowadays to cover their financial, eCommerce software and inventory needs. The best advantage of using Netsuite is that developers can add their own applications to it by using the SuiteTalk Web-Service. Netsuite is designed to help administrators and system developers to come up with more informed and efficient decisions about their own company.

Netsuite Sharepoint Integration Overview

Since Netsuite is a cloud-based web application on it’s own, you can also integrate it with SharePoint to customize your site and add more features to your SharePoint site. A SharePoint site can be Integrated with Netsuite to add some more functional features that SharePoint technology does not provide. Netsuite is one of the best business software for companies that have a lot of different information and data to handle while SharePoint provides easy navigation for companies with a lot of data to be shared. A combination of SharePoint and Netsuite can help a business to grow it’s prospects by collaborating two technologies that serve different functions together.

With Netsuite a company can integrate it’s functions with a powerful single software solution that will ensure support for the entire company’s services such as accounting, enterprise resource-planning known as ERP, eCommerce, CRM (customer-relationship-management) and PSA (professional service-automation) are integrated in one software package solution.

Challenges Faced by Sites That Don’t Use Netsuite SharePoint Integration

For people and companies that use both Netsuite and SharePoint separately, they have to open their SharePoint customer folder and Netsuite Customer-record in 2 separate tabs. To find the appropriate folder, they also have to browse a lot folders in SharePoint. With Netsuite SharePoint integration all this challenges and time consuming tasks can be minimized with a combination of both Netsuite and SharePoint software solutions.

Possible solution for integrating SharePoint and Netsuite

1. Using “Iframes”
2. Java Programing language
3. APP authentication

You can use one of the above option to integrate your SharePoint site with Netsuite. Since Netsuite uses a cloud-based web application technology, the best way to integrate it with SharePoint is to add it’s features to a SharePoint using a java programing language or iFrames. If you don’t have a lot of programming knowledge it might be very hard to understand how to integrate SharePoint site with Netsuite with Java coding. The Java programming language is very complex and requires some with a lot of experience with it in order to assign the right codes that will perform their instructed rules.

The easiest way to integrate SharePoint Sites with Netsuite is to use iframes on SharePoint pages and posts. “iframes” are very easy to create and they do not require a lot of learning like Java codes. With embedded iframes on a SharePoint site, you can combine Netsuite functions with a SharePoint page or site with the use of a single “iframe” code. While “iframe” offers a good simple solution, it’s not the most elegant approach. Java coding provides users and administrators with a lot of options and features that are very limited when using Iframes.

How to Integrate an External Web-Form in SharePoint with Netsuite

If you want to integrate Netsuite with an external web-form from SharePoint, the first thing to do is to create an Online Form in your Netsuite application. In this article we will use an “Online-customer-form” as an example. Use your Netsuite to create an Online Customer-Form. After you have created an online form, you can later embed it to your preferred SharePoint page or post by using iframes.

First step : Creating an “online Customer-Form” in Netsuite

Navigate to the following page to create an Online-Customer-Form in Netsuite

  • Setup to>>> marketing to>>>Online Customer-form to>>> New
  • Once you get to the selection-page, choose “Default-Form-Template”
  • On the form-creating page select the fields tab, add all your details to match the external contact-us page of your SharePoint.
  • Verify the external-tab of the Online-customer-form.
  • In the results-tab add the date of visiting
  • Submissions and all relevant information that you want to be filed by a customer
  • After you have customized your form, go to the Highlight tab and click on it.
  • Copy the code and paste it to a notepad in your computer. Add iframe beginning and closing codes to the highlighted code.
  • Go to your SharePoint site page editor and paste the code there. Save your new changes and reload your page to see the changes you have made.

The above example can be used to integrate Netsuite with SharePoint pages. If you know how to use iframes, you can easily integrate your site with Netsuite features and functions.

APP Authentication 

You can use app authentication to integrate a Netsuite app with your SharePoint site. After creating a Netsuite app for performing different actions for your organization or group, you can add it to SharePoint site to allow users and visitors use it without necessarily leaving your website. Netsuite App authentication requires you to create a token that is later added to the SharePoint site that is to be associated with the app. An access token can be created on Netsuite by navigating to security and app management settings tabs of Netsuite.

Once you have created an access token, you can embed it’s code to your SharePoint page or post that you would like the app to be appear. Netsuite apps functions well, when embedded on a SharePoint page and there have been no raised issues or complains from sharepoint users who use the latest versions of SharePoint.

Integrating SharePoint Apps with Netsuite Apps 

SharePoint apps and Netsuite apps are made with different interface. If you want to combine both apps to perform similar actions, you must use high level skills of different programing languages to ensure the apps integrate well with any down-times or malfunction. If you have some programing skills you can combine SharePoint apps and Netsuite apps to one page by using a Java programming language.

You can use the above information as a guide on how to embed different Netsuite functions to a SharePoint site. Netsuite Sharepoint Integration is very easy and also complex for administrators who would like to combine both technologies to form a high performance website.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.