Netsuite SuiteCloud Overview

NetSuite SuiteCloud is a product that will help your company ascend to the next level. NetSuite offers customized business management tools for your company that enhances your business performance. The suite comprises such tools as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), PSA (professional services automation), CRM (customer relationship management), E-commerce, accounting and order management. These are cloud-based tools that enable small, medium and large companies to automate most of their operations. NetSuite provides a variety of cloud development tools that software developers can use to enhance their cloud computing experience.

SuiteCloud Platform

SuiteCloud is the engine that drives your business into cloud computing with a wide range of tools to enable you build your business on a single platform. SuiteCloud offers the software developer with cloud development tools as well as infrastructure to power your tailor-made business management system. Every business has unique processes that it undertakes in a day-to-day basis. These processes can be compiled in a single platform thanks to the SuiteCloud business development tools.

The Suitecloud developer tools will not only enable you to make your new customized application but also enable you to stretch the NetSuite application to fit your business demands. The SuiteCloud infrastructures ensure the customer of a workable, dependable and safe business environment. They come with a data recovery too that insures you from major losses in case your system crashes.

The SuiteCloud Developer Tools  

Suite builder tool

This is a graphical customization tool provides the software developer an easy experience in manipulating records and forms for their NetSuite applications.

Suite flow tools

These are workflow engine enables the administrator or software developer to form commands that drive automated business operations such as approval systems for sales and purchases. This tool enables the developer to call trigger events that will start a work sequence and hence the automated system begins to run.

Suite script tool

This is a tool that enables the developer to formulate business logic. This logic is used in developing the business management system applications. The developer has a rage of tools to use including debug tools and script models that are easy to apply.

Suite talk tool

This is a web service tool that provides the developer special features to integrate his NetSuite application with other applications they own as well as third-party applications. It also enables the developer to build lightweight applications that can be used in mobile devices.

Suite analytics tool

This tool provides the developer with rooted business intelligence for the applications they make using Suitecloud.

Suite bundler

This tool enables the developer to pack the applications they have built using NetSuite for distribution to the market or consumer.

Why Use NetSuite SuiteCloud

NetSuite is a one-stop shop whose SuiteCloud platform is all round. It avails all tools that a software developer will need to build cloud-based applications. It is user friendly and you can easily provide upgraded versions of your applications to the market.

NetSuite SuiteCloud enables your organization to market itself easily on cloud-based applications. This will enhance business functionality and hence positively affect your business output. Since you will be managing all business processes on a single system, there are high chances that service delivery will be your major focus.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.