Netsuite SuiteCommerce Review

Netsuite SuiteCommerce is the first commerce solution that has been built with the idea that ecommerce is not a standalone channel, rather it is a core capability for B2B and retail business. It is considered as the first solution in the industry that unifies the ecommerce software with the core operational business systems.

This solution has been designed for meeting the rising expectations of customers for consistent experience across the different touchpoints from call centers to smartphones, from tablets to every point of sale in virtually every country of the world. This solution is natively integrated with every system of records that are used to run the businesses like marketing, financials, merchandising, order management, warehousing and inventory.

Due to this native integration, any business can easily adapt to the changes that take place in the business. It also helps to use the enterprise data for driving promotions and advertisements along with serving customers in a better way.

Netsuite SuiteCommerce also helps you to optimize the profitability of business, seize opportunities for growth, reduce operational costs and build customer satisfaction. This is considered as the best ecommerce solution that has been integrated with the backend systems of business without the need to spend a fortune.

It also enables your business to move from a standalone transactional channel like telephone, in-store or online to integrated commerce solution in which the customers are the center of every experience. It is the best solution that captures transactions and preferences into rich customer profiles for supporting personalized promotions, merchandising and marketing across all the channels. It is known to extend customer centric ecommerce capabilities to the B2B businesses that enable companies to provide the best consumer class experience to customers and suppliers of the business. Seamless integration with this ecommerce solution helps in making the payments, support and invoicing of your B2B business very efficient.

Key Features of Netsuite SuiteCommerce

  • Multi faceted navigation
  • Integration of online store with operational systems
  • Multiple web stores on single platform
  • Multiple payment options
  • Multi-language, multi-country, multi currency
  • Catalog item management
  • Pixel perfect design control, responsive design
  • Real time inventory availability on store or online
  • Marketing and email automation
  • One page checkout
  • My account, customer portal/self service
  • Credit limits, terms and custom pricing
  • Customer segmentation
  • Order fulfillment/ shipping/inventory and management
  • Unified customer records
  • Reporting, analytics and dashboards

The benefits of integrating Netsuite suiteCommerce into any business are that it helps to eliminate the error prone and costly integration between different systems. It consists of natively unified financials, customer support, inventory and order management, merchandising, marketing and ecommerce.

It helps in leveraging the source of single data for reporting to multiple touchpoints and channels so that the decision making, visibility and agility of the business can improved. This ecommerce solution helps in tracking and monitoring operational and inventory performance, margins and sales.

It enables your business to drive the correct product assortment that is based on a wide range of merchandising options that are driven by the key business data. It helps to identify trends and analyze results in stores, channels, customer behavior, suppliers and promotions which are enabled by Netsuite SuiteCommerce.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.