Netsuite VS Acumatica – Who Will Win?

NetSuite and Acumatica are some of the best Cloud ERP solutions, which is why the NetSuite VS Acumatica debate is not going away any time soon. Different groups of people will swear by either one or the other. Debate of this nature is good, but can be confusing if you are looking for a good solution for your ERP cloud needs and you do not know where to start. It is therefore important for you to approach this debate with caution, and compare individual metrics until you find something that is suitable for your business needs.

Netsuite VS Acumatica

1. Pricing

When it comes to pricing, then you will have different options depending on whether you are using NetSuite or Acumatica. With NetSuite, you will need to pay a base price for the ERP system, and then a subsequent monthly price based on the number of users.

Acumatica on the other hand, offers you a variety of licensing options. You could pay for a software license and maintenance on an annual basis. You could also for the resources that you use in the organization, as opposed to the number of users.

You can change the options as your business changes, which makes the cloud based ERP solution very scalable. The variety of licensing options available from Acumatica therefore makes the system win without trouble on the issue of pricing when compared to NetSuite.

2. ERP Deployment

You will need to think very carefully on the issue of ERP deployment. NetSuite limits your deployments options. For one thing, you cannot access the on-premise model via NetSuite. You are also limited in your access to the system because the software can only be used on designated smart devices, which have internet access and Windows.

On the other hand, Acumatica allows for very easy deployment switching between SaaS and on-premise models. There are no expensive migration costs to contend with, which is a good thing. The ERP solution is also web-based, which means that you can access the system anywhere provided your device has the supported browsers. Your security, and IT requirement needs will determine your choice of models, and not vice versa.

Because of the flexibility offered by Acumatica with regard to ERP deployment and device compatibility, NetSuite also loses this particular battle.

3. Size of Business

NetSuite is a cloud-based solution that is suitable for all kinds of businesses. It serves small-businesses just as well as it can serve larger ones. It also serves the medium sized businesses.

On the other hand, Acumatica is mainly for small businesses and medium sized ones. While it also serves the need of large enterprises, it is not as specialized in dealing with the daily needs of such organizations as NetSuite.

You should therefore opt for NetSuite if you have a very large enterprise and looking for a cloud ERP solution to suit all your needs.

4. Basic Functionality

The basic functionality of a business solution is something you should consider very carefully when shopping for an ERP cloud based system.

NetSuite is one of the leading ERP service providers of its kind for a reason. It offers superior products with regard to customer services and analytics, management of orders and inventory, marketing and accounting among other things.

Acumatica offers an advanced business management services. These include accounting, distribution, and reporting tools among others.

Therefore, while Acumatica is better for management of the business organization, if you are looking for superior systems for your ecommerce site, NetSuite is the best in the business. It has some of the best features available in the market today for such sites.

5. Integration Capabilities

NetSuite is made in such a way that it can be integrated with the existing apps that your business organization is using, such as Microsoft Outlook. It is therefore easy for you to combine your data and information within the ERP system.

Acumatica on the other hand, is able to integrate with sales orders and ecommerce orders. However, it does not need to have any client software to function. This is because of its web-based capabilities, which makes the software portable.

If you are not looking for integration, then Acumatica is portable and very suitable for your needs. You can transfer large files with the system though, which will allow you to access whatever you need, wherever you are. However, if you have data you need to integrate into the system, then NetSuite will enable you to do that, without having to lose anything. Unfortunately, the amount of data you can import during peak hours is limited, so bear that fact in mind.

6. Automation Capabilities

If you do not want to be bothered with doing some tasks repeatedly, then NetSuite is the best solution for your cloud based ERP needs. The system enables you to automate your business projects and tasks, which means that you do not have to handle everything on your own. This in turn enables you to concentrate more on core projects that help boost your profit margins.

Acumatica on the other hand, has advanced tools for doing tasks, However, its automation abilities as tot as advanced as those of its rival. You will however, be able to customize your system from the flexible dashboard that the system comes with.

If you are looking for customized services, then Acumatica is your system. However, with most businesses looking to save money on time and labor, you may have to follow suit. If that is the case, the NetSuite automation services will come in very handy for your needs.

7. Multi-Language Capabilities

How far do you want to make an impact? If you are looking for a system with many languages, then NetSuite is the perfect solution for you. You can be able to reach your target market in over 15 supported languages. On the other hand, Acumatica is limited to less than eight languages.

Ensure therefore, that you opt for NetSuite if you are looking to expand your reach.


There is no right or wrong with regard to the choice between NetSuite and Acumatica. You should opt for the former when looking for a solution for a high growth business with expansion potential, and which has high integration and automation capabilities. On the other hand, if you want flexibility with regard to deployment models, and portability, then Acumatica is the perfect solution for your business needs because it also allows for scalable growth.

Therefore, the question of the NetSuite VS Acumatica battle and the emerging winner, need only be answered satisfactorily in your mind.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.