NetSuite VS QuickBooks – and the winner is?

For you to decide on the best business management software for you to be using in your business the idea of comparing NetSuite vs QuickBooks comes in handy. Both the platforms play a major role in helping business owners manage their business online.

Although all of them are cloud ERP platforms they are very important in running your business, the features found on each software are not the same as those found on the other. This makes it necessary for you to have a closer look at them before you decide to employ one in running your business. You may be wondering on where you will be able to access the software but that should not stress you at all. You can easily access the software online.

Here is a comparison between NetSuite vs QuickBooks so that you will be able to make a good decision on which one for you to go for:

NetSuite has a dashboard that make the interaction of the users online very easy unlike QuickBooks: The dashboard will allow you access the option for role based representation that will lead to users enjoying more interaction which is unlike the case of QuickBooks where online interacting can be a problem due to lack of a well-developed interaction dashboard.

NetSuite can allow linking of support campaigns which is unlike QuickBooks where you cannot achieve in linking campaigns for your business. This makes business owners who will like to make use of the feature to prefer NetSuite.

NetSuite allows keyword marketing which is unlike a case with QuickBooks .This makes the business owners who will like keyword marketing features prefer NetSuite.

NetSuite offers inventory tracking options unlike QuickBooks. In running your business it can reach a time when you may lose your inventory. In making use of QuickBooks it will be very hard for you to track the lost inventory which is unlike a case of NetSuite where you will easily track the lost inventory.

NetSuite offers both ERP and CRM but QuickBooks lack CRM. This inconveniences many people who will like to integrate both the systems hence making NetSuite have a upper hand when comparing it to QuickBooks.

For you to synchronize between Salesforce and QuickBooks you need a third party program which is AccountDynamicass for you to achieve which is unlike a case of NetSuite. Remember, for you to have the third party program you will be required to incur more costs.

In case you will like to track orders online using QuickBooks it will be impossible for you but in making use of NetSuite you will easily achieve. This offers NetSuite a great advantage over QuickBooks in case you will like a platform that will enable you track your orders online.

NetSuite has change and work orders but QuickBooks does not have neither change orders nor work orders.

NetSuite offer a lot of information online about customer data which is unlike a case of QuickBooks where you will access limited data online. This makes the fight between NetSuite vs QuickBooks to be worn by NetSuite by far.


Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.