NetSuite VS Sage – Who Wins in this Head-to-Head?

The NetSuite vs. Sage debate is important for individuals and companies that are looking for the best ERP software for their business. These are two of the leading solutions available and both of them offer unique features.

NetSuite vs. Sage


It offers a variety of advantages, making it a convenient option for those who are in search of an all-inclusive solution. NetSuite is designed for both small and large companies. The NetSuite vs. Sage debate is obvious if you are looking for flexibility. Businesses can use the solution to manage their resources and finances. It can be used in various sectors including retail, services, wholesale distribution, manufacturing, and software.

Comprehensive System

NetSuite allows you to shift from a disorganized ERP package to a comprehensive system. This ERP solution makes it possible for you to support your entire business with a single system. This helps to eliminate redundant data in your system. It also allows you to save resources because you do not need an individual system for every department. This makes this solution a clear winner in the NetSuite vs. Sage contest.

Informed Business Decisions

This solution allows you and your employees to make informed decisions regarding your business because all the data you require is in a single system. Each employee has access to a real-time Dashboard that gives them information of based on their roles.

Eliminates Additional Costs

If you are trying to settle on a winner in the NetSuite vs. Sage contest, the former is a good choice especially if your company budget is limited. This is because this ERP solution is web-based and you only use it when necessary. You do not have to manage, maintain or upgrade business applications to use this solution, saving you a lot of money.

Unlimited Access

NetSuite is web based, allowing you to access all your data whenever you need it from any location. This is a significant advantage because people want to access information when they are on the move.

Boost Sales

If you are in search of an ERP solution that can help you to improve your sales, NetSuite is a good choice. This solution is designed to automate billing and collections, boosting sales.


Another aspect that makes this solution the ideal choice in the NetSuite vs. Sage contest is the fact that it complies with the various international accounting rules and regulations. This ensures that all the financial related processes in this solution meet business standards.

Enhance Management

The software and help a business to enhance management because it gives you a clear idea of the number of employees that you have and their skills and knowledge. This makes it easy to identify the most suitable individuals for a particular project.

Resource and Expense Tracking

Businesses can take advantage of this software to track their resource and expenditure. NetSuite can help you to make sure your projects stay within the set budget and are completed in good time.

Customized ERP Solution

The Dashboard offered by NetSuite can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business. You can customize it to suit each employee’s role and data requirements.


One of the disadvantages that can make this ERP solution lose in the NetSuite vs. Sage debate is the fact that it requires a lot of training. It is not easy to use and employers may take longer to master the various features and process.

The all-inclusive attribute is an advantage if you need all the features that are offered by the application. But it is a disadvantage if you only require a single feature for your business.

Another disadvantage is the lack of a free trial to allow businesses to test the application before they use it. Most businesses want to try out the features at no charge to determine if they are appropriate before they commit to an application


This ERP solution is specifically designed for mid-market and large businesses. If you are looking for a solution for national and international businesses, this option wins in the NetSuite vs. Sage debate.


This ERP solution is both multilingual and multicurrency, making it ideal if you are running a global business.

Ease of Use

For companies that are in search of a solution they can easily implement, this option is a clear winner in the NetSuite vs. Sage contest. It has an intuitive interface, which makes it easy to implement, helping you to boost productivity.


This is one of the main concerns for companies that want to implement ERP solutions. Sage grows as your business expands and you do not have to spend more money to increase the application.

Mobile Access

Sage is designed to accommodate mobile access. You can access the application using an iPad. This allows employees to work even when they are away from the office.

Hardware Infrastructure Investment

You have to invest in hardware infrastructure before you can implement this system. But you can also invest in a 3rd party cloud. This is why the solution targets large corporations that have a lot of resources


This solution loses in the Netsuite vs. Sage debate if you want a comprehensive human resource component for your business. This component is fairly weak in this solution. You may not get the best out of your human resource department if you implement Sage.

It is not suitable for small industries and markets. This means that small enterprises that are looking for an easy to implement ERP solution cannot take advantage of its features.

The winner in the Netsuite vs. Sage debate depends on the kinds of features that you are looking for and the kind of business that you run. If you are large company with operations in various parts of the world, Sage is a great choice. Its multicurrency and multilingual features make it ideal for multinationals but its human resource component is not well designed. Netsuite is appropriate if you want a comprehensive solution that will support every unit. Identify your business needs before you choose an option in the NetSuite vs. Sage contest.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.