OzLINK for NetSuite Features

OzLINK for NetSuite is the most advanced and widely used shipping solution. OzLINK offers NetSuite shipping carrier software such as FedEx Ship manager, UPS WorldShip, On Trac, and Endicia to ensure that NetSuite orders are all synchronized with tracking numbers, shipment status, and costs.

OzLINK for NetSuite Features

  •  Seamlessly create ASN’s (Advanced Shipping Notice) with the process of shipping.
  •  Support for every carrier service such as UPS Freight, FedEx SmartPost, UPS Mail Innovations, Ups Paperless Invoice, and UPS SurePost.
  • Automate batch shipping using combined shipping label and pack list.
  •  Perform advanced pack validation through barcode scanning.
  •  Automate advanced business guidelines or rules, including carrier selection and options.
  •  Lastly, support sophisticated functions of ship drop with third party billing and branded pack ships.

Some of the key features of OzLINK for NetSuite are shipping for NetSuite, warehouse automation for NetSuite and ecommerce integration for NetSuite. Actually, this integration comprises several other characteristics emerging in every solution it offers.

Different Solutions Of OzLINK For NetSuite

When it comes to synchronization of OzLINK for NetSuite, there are various solutions that can suit any user. They include:

1. Advanced OzLINK Mobile For NetSuite

OzLINK Mobile allows you to receive full containers very fast, dynamically move inventory and pick orders quickly without making any mistakes. You can just do all these things by using some simple prompts on your hand-held mobile device with built-in barcode scanners. For example, OzLINK Mobile 5.0 contains four major new capabilities, which complement NetSuite to appropriate, further streamline warehouse and manufacturing operations. These include:

  •  Advanced Work Order Automation: It is a particular module that allocates the inventory as the items and components are picked giving greater control and visibility of work in progress for assembly, kitting and manufacturing operations
  • Mobile Packing: This particular module allows you to pick right into shipping box, capturing contents and box details. This removes downstream pack stations and highly increases efficiency for orders of EDI complaint requiring an ASN
  • Replenishment and Transfers: This module offers replenishment between bask stock and pick places, increasing visibility, productivity, and velocity. Furthermore, transfer orders and inventory transfers are handled fully on your mobile computer
  • Advanced Bin-Management Support: This module has the ability to leverage advanced bin-management functionality of NetSuite, giving more visibility of granular serialized as well as lot number controlled inventory.

2. Advanced OzLINK Shipping For NetSuite

Dramatically, OzLINK enhances fulfillment throughout by enabling the sharing of your order information between carrier-provided software and NetSuite. Automatically, OzLINK updates NetSuite with shipping weights, freight charges, tracking numbers and other more detailed shipment information.

3. OzLINK Advanced-Packing and ASN for NetSuite

This solution offers package level barcode scanning for validation of package contents and creation of the extensions to NetSuite allowing the creation and transmission of the ASN. Additionally, OzLINK synchronizes with SPS Commerce to form labels of the retail compliance, adding to the labels of carrier shipment while integrated seamlessly with the ship process or warehouse pack.

4. OzLINK Channel For NetSuite

It is the integration of OzLINK with external application of ecommerce into NetSuite ERP. Some of these supported applications are ChannelAdvisor, Amazon, Magento, and eBay. In addition, OzLINK Channel also automates business rules like order routing & screening, and enables “manage by exception.”

5. OzLINK Pro for UPS

This solution helps integrate UPS WorldShip with the NetSuite process of Item Fulfillment. In this case, the OzLINK is CTP approved and UPS Ready.

The OzLINK’s Addition Of NetSuite SuiteApp Extensions To Improve Customers’ Fulfillment & Ecommerce

Currently, OzLINK comprises a great set of NetSuite SuiteApp extensions for its solutions for further integration of ecommerce and optimization of warehouse processes. Created on the SuiteCloud Developer Network, these OzLINK solutions provide NetSuite users with a way of extending the functionality of their individual ERP platform to improve a wide variety of shipping and fulfillment operations and help them reduce shipping costs, improve customer service, streamline order fulfillment, and manage multi-carrier packing as well as shipping.

Some of the expanded enhancements to these OzLINK solutions are:

1) Real-time integration between ChannelAdvisor and NetSuite – Orders are built from marketplaces such as Amazon, and eBay flow into the ChannelAdvisor and then synchronized into NetSuite by the OzLINK. Basically, OzLINK synchronizes order updates and item attributes in NetSuite, while pushing back-out to the ChannelAdvisor with tracking information and real-time fulfillment status.

2) Addition of new function to OzLINK Mobile – NetSuite customers/users can now seamlessly manage work orders through their mobile barcode scanners, managing assemblies, inventory, and kits. These days, the number of successful OzLINK Mobile customers is quite high.

3) New features and expanded capabilities for OzLINK Shipping – This means that customers can now lower transportation costs by just implementing automated validation of batch address, avoiding the correction of carrier address fees, and reducing mis-shipments. Additionally, they can save extra costs by implementation of automated carrier selection usually based on time-in-transit, letting them the ability to make informed, optimized shipping decisions.

Generally, many companies across the world have experienced tremendous value creation in their integration of OzLINK for NetSuite. This has also led them to expand a quite number of OzLINK SuiteApps to offer their customers cost effective and powerful extensions to this NetSuite platform.

The Advantages Of OzLINK’s Carrier Software Solution

  •  OzLINK’s carrier software comes with several benefits. They include:
  •  It does not have training issues. This means that your shipping team only uses the software they are used to or familiar with.
  • It contains extended support, which includes TNT, On Trac, Purolator, and Canada Post.
  •  It also has the ability of using scales and other related peripherals.
  •  Another advantage is that it captures negotiated rates, list rates, and any other discounts or charges your operation requires are all highly visible within NetSuite.
  •  Lastly, it enables creation of return labels with the process of NetSuite RMA pr as part of an outbound shipment.

Generally, OzLINK offers you flawless NetSuite integration, streamlining processes of your order fulfillment while improving your providing as well as cutting warehouse costs. The solutions involve shipping automation, ecommerce, partner fulfillment, barcode scanning, and mobile warehouse.

In conclusion, the integration of OzLINK for NetSuite comes with various features and benefits as discussed above for all NetSuite customers.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.