Riva CRM Integration for NetSuite

Riva CRM Integration Server is an advanced platform of CRM data integration for Microsoft Exchange, for Exchange integration with most common systems such as NetSuite, GoldMine, and Sage. Riva is only installed once on a server where no plug-ins need to be installed, managed or configured on the user’s laptops, desktops and other computing devices, contrary to traditional Outlook CRM plug-ins.

Basically, Riva offers seamless data integration of NetSuite for Novell GroupWise, IBM Notes and Domino, Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange. Because it synchronizes NetSuite automatically to the email server, particularly on the back end, it synchronizes information for NetSuite to every email client and each mobile device, including all editions of Microsoft Outlook, Terminal Server, Outlook for Mac, Apple Mail, Outlook Web App, and many more. In addition, Riva offers integration of built-in mobile CRM for Android, iPad, BlackBerry, Microsoft Surface devices, iPhone, and Windows Phone.

Riva SmartConvert – Minimizes Manual CRM Data-Entry in NetSuite

Riva SmartConvert is an important feature that reduces manual entry of CRM data by automating the NetSuite creation opportunities, quotes, cases, contacts, and accounts. All you need to do is to copy and drag your emails into the right Drop Folder under this SmartConvert in your email client, (for example, “Create New Opportunity”) – the Riva does all the rest. Customer reports which this feature saves their support staff and sales up-to one hour (60 minutes) per day.

Features Synchronized by Riva CRM for NetSuite

Riva CRM synchronizes calendars, contacts, opportunities, custom fields, cases, custom objects, and cases. It also tracks emails against NetSuite contacts and accounts. In addition, it converts emails into custom objects, opportunities, or cases. It offers better access to CRM data from your mobile devices or preferred email client.

By offering automatic synchronization of server-side between these leading systems of marketing automation and enterprise email, Riva has an ability to sync all NetSuite data to all tablets, smartphones and email clients, without the need of installing, configuring or managing any IBM Notes plug-ins or client-side Outlook or even separate mobile applications.

Another advantage of this kind of integration is that it delivers support for native mobile device in offline and online modes. Additionally, it allows NetSuite customers in getting full value their marketing automation investment of Marketo. This means that it synchronizes leads and contacts, CRM opportunities, Marketo lead nurturing data, and emails and attachments.

Riva is highly aligned with the customer promise of NetSuite to offer innovative experiences, unlimited expansion, intelligent order orchestration, a well-unified single platform, and a 360-degree customer view.

An Overview of Riva CRM Integration for Netsuite

Riva is typically the leader in email and CRM integration. Over a thousand business companies entirely rely on it to keep their email and CRM systems in sync. In fact, it supports a quite number of the best CRM system in the world, including NetSuite, Microsoft dynamics CRM, Oracle CRM On-Demand, SugarCRM, Sage CRM, Oracle Sales Cloud, Salesforce and many more. They offer their services to all types of businesses, regardless of its size – small, medium-sized, and large businesses. It contains both Riva On-Premise and Riva Cloud editions.

Synchronization of NetSuite CRM+ to Microsoft Exchange

Riva also offers the best solution of Exchange integration for NetSuite CRM+ in the industry. It’s widely available to connect the customer’s Exchange server to NetSuite and other CRM solutions such as SalesLogix, Microsoft dynamics CRM and NAV, and SugarCRM.

Its compatibility with on-premise as well as hosted Exchange 2003, 2007, and 2010 systems makes synchronization of NetSuite to Ms Exchange easier. Other mobile devices and Exchange mail apps that Riva is compatible with include iCal, Entourage 2004 and 2008, Outlook 2011 for Mac and many more.

Key Benefits of Riva CRM Integration for NetSuite

  •  Simpler to manage – Riva is easily installed just once on the back-end. It gets rid of time spent to install, configure, and manage all Outlook plug-ins for all users.
  •  Sell more – Integration of Riva CRM for NetSuite provides sales reps back time by offering email-to-opportunity, advanced email logging, and email-to-case features. This leads to improved efficiency, more sales, and opportunities.
  • Support all apps of Exchange mail – Riva is also known to be ideal for mixed Mac, mobile and PC environments. Whether you are using iPad, Outlook 2010, iPhone, Outlook on Citrix, BlackBerry and Android or tablets and smartphones, Riva always has you covered.
  •  Synchronizes more – this integration also brings a lot of NetSuite CRM+ information directly into Outlook or Exchange. Support staff and sales reps can therefore synchronize their leads, tasks, opportunities, calendar events, email, tasks, custom fields, projects, custom objects, contacts, and many other features.
  • Mobile synchronization included – the integration of Riva CRM for NetSuite also supports synchronization in your mobile devices. This gives key benefits, which include native UI, speed, no training needed, native screen resolution, online and offline access.
  •  Integration of server-side – it also delivers transparent and enterprise-level integration of server-side, as well as interoperability between Exchange/GroupWise and NetSuite CRM. You only need to install it once right at the server level and then create policies, which control which accounts of NetSuite users will be synchronized.

While providers of cloud ERP, CRM, infrastructure, storage and other similar services all vie to offer the ultimate single platforms for various business, the truth is that business companies will always need and use a combination of platforms. This is one of the reasons why Riva CRM integration is very important and essential. It automatically integrates organizations’ CRM, marketing and email automation platforms to offer partner and customer data when and where sales representatives need it.

Nevertheless, there are some activities that happen behind the scenes that are better to know about. For instance, Riva always checks to see if the business organization and its contacts are available in the CRM based on the email addresses and domain name. If they do not exist, Riva will then automatically create them for the company. It will create a completely new opportunity using an email subject-line as the Opportunity Name. Then, it will archive the email and synchronize the opportunity back down to the email clients.

Conclusively, Riva CRM integration for NetSuite is the best CRM solution for small, medium-sized, and large businesses. There are so many benefits of this kind of integration for all businesses using CRM and ERP solutions.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.