SuiteWorld 2014 Review

NetSuite is one of the largest and the most popular ERP cloud based solutions provider in the world and is responsible for organizing the SuiteWorld 2014 conference. Currently, there are over 20, 000 companies and their subsidiaries, which use the software suite to run their business operations in the cloud. The companies, many of which fall under large businesses and mid-sized businesses categories have used the financial management system to streamline their business processes, to lower their IT costs and to raise the overall productivity of the company.

SuiteWorld 2014 Review: Background Events

The SuiteWorld Conference has traditionally, been held annually for the past several years. In 2014, the conference was held in the San Jose Convention Center in California, USA. The SuiteWorld 2014 conference was held from 12 May until 15 May.

Over 6000 attendees were expected for the conference, and they did not disappoint. The 2014 SuiteWorld conference managed to attract over 6500 attendees. These attendees consisted of the solution providers affiliated with NetSuite, developers, ISV partners, industry leaders who were representing the 20,000+ companies and subsidiaries utilizing NetSuite, bloggers, and analysts in the industry.

The SuiteWorld 2014 Perks

There are certain benefits that can come out of attending the SuiteWorld conference. In 2014, those benefits were in full force especially among loyal attendees who had been coming for about three or four years.

Some of the benefits included access to a loyalty lounge, loyalty buttons, and other special gifts among other things.

The major requirements for people who accessed some of these rewards were to have registered for the conference with the same email for those three or four years.

SuiteWorld 2014 Review: Highlights of the Conference

The SuiteWorld 2014 conference in San Jose had a number of highlights. These highlights stemmed from the agenda set by NetSuite, which was provide a forum for all stakeholders to share information and learn the best business practices. Stakeholders were also provided with a platform to display their products to the rest of the attendees.

1. The Conference Sessions

During the 2014, SuiteWorld conference the attendees were able to take advantage of the 16 tracks and the 200 or so sessions to interact with other stakeholders affiliated with NetSuite. During these sessions, a number of key activities took place.

  • The attendees were able to listen to real stories of other industry players who had become successful with the help of cloud computing services. The stories were from leaders from various industries who are affiliated with companies that utilized NetSuite resources and tools.
  • The attendees were also given the opportunity to gain insight into how NetSuite works and how it can be used to bring success to individual businesses. These insights were gained from listening from other stakeholders who included the leaders behind NetSuite itself.
  • Clients of NetSuite were able to obtain a platform to highlight their products and services, which enhanced brand awareness among the industry players. Many of these clients were able to obtain that opportunity by becoming sponsors of the event. Those who attended the conference were also able to get exposure to products that are used to support the NetSuite functionalities and operations.
  •  The attendees were also able to ask the experts questions with regard to individual products offered by NetSuite. Doing so enabled them to obtain the right solutions to the unique needs that the attendees were facing or anticipating.
  • The interactive sessions enabled all the attendees to network with others who are part of the NetSuite community. Everyone was therefore able to establish great relationships that will come in handy at some point in their futures.

The SuiteWorld Conference of 2014 was held in the form of smaller interactive sessions, ask the expert forums, listening and learning sessions and expos.

2. Pre-Conference Training

While there was an additional charge for anyone who intended to attend the pre-conference training, there was no shortage of participants. These training sessions came in quite handy, in teaching the attendees a few things that would help them master the NetSuite tools and resources even better.

Experts who utilize a hands-on approach to pass the knowledge they possess across regardless of the topics covered and audience present were responsible for the training of the attendees. This time the trainers had a combined 75 years of training experience in NetSuite!

There were certification programs available. These included:

  • The NetSuite ERP consultant certification program
  • The ERP Manufacturing fundamental training programs
  • The SuiteAnalytics training programs dealing with financial reports and searches
  •  The SuiteCloud platform training programs dealing with workflows, point-and-click customizations and exploration of the NetSuite platform
  • The SuiteCommerce training programs dealing with running web stores, as well as how to customize them.

3. SuiteWorld Awards

During the SuiteWorld 2014 conference, the organizers also took the opportunity to award the most exemplary of their partners and customers who utilized NetSuite to accomplish great things.

The Transformers Awards, which are usually given on an annual basis during the conference, were given to those stakeholders who made breakthroughs with regard to cost savings and productivity increases. The honorees of the awards either used the NetSuite platform to accomplish those results or built native apps using developer platform provided by the SuiteCloud.

Honorees of the annual Transformer Awards came from the fields of fiancé, business, operations, technology, and commerce.

Bottom Line: SuiteWorld 2014 Rocked

There is no doubt that the popularity of the SuiteWorld 2014 is increasing by the year. From around 5000 attendees in 2013, to over 6000 in 2014, the increase is obvious. The highlights of the conference just show how wonderful the whole event was, with all attendees leaving with more knowledge than they possessed before the event started.

The verdict is in…The SuiteWorld 2014 Conference in San Jose rocked!

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.