The Benefits of NetSuite SRP

The Need for Netsuite SRP

In the business world, success is attributed to the way everything is handled; starting from operations, interactions, management to the way finance is handled. To answer this call, NetSuite Inc designed a kit commonly known by the name NetSuite SRP; a professional end-to end services resource and planning (SRP) solution which supports all activities that are involved in business.

With this Kit, customer relationship management (CRM), professional services automation (PSA) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) are easily performed under one umbrella. It will interest you to know that NetSuite SRP today is used in more than 2000 professional services corporations globally. Needless to say, its operations are indiscriminately suiting any enterprise ranging from small, midsize and world’s largest services organizations.

Is NetSuite that important?

With Netsuite SRP, you will easily accomplish the following: Generate invoices more efficiently and accurately decreasing accounts receivable cycles hence improving cash flow by eliminating revenue seepage. The invoice you generate using this kit will in turn help you in projection and prediction. This is something to be taken seriously since the data you attain here are what your business looks like in terms of numbers. You will be in a better position to make any adjustments as far as finance is concerned.

With this kit, you can access it anytime you feel like regardless of your location in the world as long as you can access the internet. This will help you run your business anywhere you feel like running it from. You may even opt running it from home and visiting your office when it’s really necessary.

You can combine NetSuite SRP with Netsuite OneWorld to achieve real-time, financial consolidation and global business management for business that are scattered all over the world. Through this, you will be in a better position to monitor billing rates in any form of currency, revenues, rules, and Other important factors concerning any country- all this from where you are using a single kit.

Netsuite Inc has been in operation for more than 12 years and prides itself with experience in supporting services of all fields and sizes. In their kit, they have incorporated the following features in order to suit any business.

Key Features

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

With NetSuite CRM+, you will benefit from a powerful customer relationship management (CRM). This capability includes sales force automation (SFA), customer support and services, flexible customization and automatic marketing all in cloud CRM solution.

What makes NetSuite CRM+ unique from other CRM software’s in the market is the fact that this kit includes effective sales performance, marketing strategies and management plans all this as standard. This kit is one of its kinds in the market that is completely incorporated with the back office and a space for project delivery hence reducing lethargy from manual entry. In addition, this also reduces the risks of error in turn speeding up processes.

Below are key feature of CRM:

• It’s integrated with sales force automation feature (SFA) which increases your sales performance.

• CRM reporting and analytics for easy perusal of customer information.

• It has a feature that enables you to easily engage with others in management in turn expanding revenue and new opportunities worldwide.

• With its customer service and support management feature, you will easily reach out to your customers and clients within a short time saving yourself time and money.

• It’s integrated with social tools that help you improve the way you socialize with people. Note that this can be beneficial and can help you maximize your sales.

2. Resource Management Project Delivery and Advanced Billing

With NetSuite, you will easily provide solutions in terms of resource management, project management and expenses management. All its operations are automated hence results are fast generated. The data received from here is reliable and can be used in decision making.

Netsuite is built to go beyond basic PSA functionality; here is what you will benefit from it as far as resource management is concerned:

• Your projects will be easy to account for.

• It’s able to support complex billing.

• It gives you an opportunity to manage well your time.

• You can easily work together with your management team ensuring that you achieve the best for your business.

3. Financial Management and Forecasting

With netsuite, be assured to work with a comprehensive financial tool that will take your business beyond traditional accounting software. In addition, the results are easily visible and timely hence can be relied upon when it comes to decision making. Among the things that make Netsuite FMF stand out are:

• It’s integrated with a financial management kit that accelerates the whole financial process making you aware of where to make adjustments.

• You will be in a position to work closely with your clients amicably sorting out your payments.

• It’s integrated with a feature that lets you get a clue of how the revenue are and the current trend in market.

• With this kit, you can easily auto renew contracts reducing processing fees, revenue leakage and customer toss.

4. Business

The suite was designed to make things simpler in business, and it would be imprudent not to talk about its benefits businesswise. Using netsuite, you will benefit in the following ways:
• You will easily work in any environment regardless of currency, language and subsidiary.
• You are able to work anytime you feel like and from anywhere in this world as long as you are connected to the internet.
• It’s integrated with a sophisticated dashboard which lets you easily configure how you want your reports to look like.

5. Business Management for Global SERVICES Organizations

With NetSuite One world SRP you are able to view what goes on in any country in terms of revenues, markets, economies and the likes. NetSuite SRP also put in a position to know the value of currency in relation to your local currency hence easy budgeting.

Discussed above, are just to mention a few of what you stand to benefit with NetSuite SRP kit. For your business success, this is a must have tool. Not only will it help you in management, but also in growing your business.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.