The Complete NetSuite Amazon Integration Guide

The main reason for NetSuite Amazon integration is to enable independent software vendors, customers, and developers to create new software apps, which uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to leverage NetSuite’s highly integrated cloud-enterprise resource planning suite. With a development platform of NetSuite’s SuiteCloud, SuiteStorage connector is built to integrate Amazon and NetSuite. This offers NetSuite customers the user interface created for retrieving and storing files from Amazon S3. This means that data intensive customers should be able to see a performance increase while maintaining the database integrity in the cloud.

Basically, integrating the Amazon and NetSuite clouds shows how these companies are committed to helping their customers minimize their IT infrastructure responsibilities and costs. This is actually a good example of how NetSuite customers would gain from an increasing and additional number of efficiencies, especially in their enterprise IT requirements.

The Complete NetSuite Amazon Integration Guide

So, what is NetSuite Amazon Connector?

Specifically, the Amazon NetSuite connector is customized to your company needs to ensure that you only concentrate in achieving your business goals whilst using the cost effective, hassle free, stable, highly efficient and secure connector service. This connector is the perfect way of connecting the Amazon Seller Central to the web store in some easy steps. Since Amazon is among the biggest selling ecommerce portals in the whole world, with online marketplace of the Amazon Seller Central, you can easily offer products together with a vast inventory.

Additionally, with this solution, WebBee also offers your business a competitive advantage by providing you with a tailor-made solution, which helps you to enhance profitability, increase your sales as well as reach your target audience or customers. This NetSuite Amazon integration will also allow you to automatically export and import all the information from Amazon to NetSuite and vice versa.

This connector will automatically do the following:

1. Import Customers or Sales Orders into NetSuite – you can easily import all orders placed in Amazon into NetSuite. A new customer is automatically created in NetSuite if a matching one is not found.

2. Exports Items from NetSuite to Amazon – as retailer, you can designate which specific items in NetSuite should be exported to Amazon. This makes it easier for you to update or create your product catalog on Amazon.

3. Export Fulfillments to Amazon – as orders in NetSuite are fulfilled, the transactions of this fulfillment are automatically exported to Amazon so that you can have full visibility right into the current status of available orders.

4. Export Levels of Inventory to Amazon – levels of inventory in Amazon are consistently and continuously updated with the current levels of inventory in NetSuite. Actually, this is to ensure that orders placed can be fulfilled.

Key Benefits

  •  NetSuite Amazon integration includes the data of Amazon Settlement Report for the reconciliation in NetSuite,
  •  Amazon Product, Image, Relationship, and Inventory management from within NetSuite,
  •  It supports customization of catalog for both Amazon Web-store and Selling On Amazon (SOA),
  •  It helps to run everything in just one system so that the user can be able to get the actual picture,
  •  Integration of bi-directional pricing allows use of third party,
  •  Eliminates unnecessary and tedious work , have all information and orders automatically imported to either NetSuite or Amazon user account as several times as you want,
  • It minimizes manual entry errors,
  •  The integration automates the process of filling in huge amount of data from Amazon into NetSuite,
  •  It is a onetime fee module and it doesn’t have ongoing costs,
  •  It is also a tested module that is already installed in so many business companies.

Key Features

1. Product and Inventory

NetSuite Amazon connector supports separate items of catalog and then attributes for Amazon Webstore and Selling on Amazon. This allows you to easily map all attributes in Amazon Webstore and MWS catalogs to the catalog fields of NetSuite. It also allows the attribute map customization using a very intuitive mapping tool. Additionally, this integration supports product info, pricing, matrix items, kits, images, and inventory.

2. Sales and Fulfillment

Connecting with Amazon’s FBA, including the status updates found within NetSuite dashboard will alert you particularly when your product is available in the Amazon warehouse not processed. Here, download Amazon purchaser information and order to automatically create NetSuite customer records and orders. This includes order fulfillment feeds, FBA, order acknowledgement feeds and order adjustment feeds.

3. Settlement

This integration reconciles cash sales with the records in Amazon. With this, you can process tax liability simply by jurisdiction for taxed items in Amazon. All orders whether fulfilled by the Merchant or Amazon is automatically reconciled.

An Overview of Amazon S3 Connector

ERP Guru designed a connector, which takes files from the file cabinet available in NetSuite and uploads them to EC2 of Amazon, specifically for storage on cloud of Amazon S3. The stored files are easily accessed through the NetSuite’s customer center as well as on other related transactions.

Challenges: When customers process CAD files, they can be very huge if they are not compressed. Sometimes, they receive over ten files at once, and this can quickly exceed their individual NetSuite storage limits. Usually the client needs big storage space, which is currently not available in NetSuite’s File Cabinet. Despite the fact that Amazon S3 cloud provides its users with unlimited storage space, it is not capable of processing large files.

Solutions: For the provision of the missing link, this ERP Guru created Amazon S3 connector to integrate Amazon to NetSuite so that EC2 servers of Amazon are capable of performing third party processing. The final result is that clients dealing with so many CAD files can have access to the unlimited storage while ensuring the use of NetSuite. The storage is highly secure for storing most important business files. Lastly, a feature known as version tracking which currently not offered by NetSuite is enabled.

Conclusively, just like any other ERP and/or CRM solutions, this integration makes expanding your online business onto the Amazon Web-store platforms and the Selling on Amazon (SOA) a very easy and simple process through the NetSuite interface. This great, complete solution offers order & fulfillment processing, inventory & product management and settlement & reconciliation. It is also fully connected to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

In addition, CloudConnectTM Amazon is also deployed automatically into the user’s NetSuite account. Netsuite Amazon integration is a SuiteScript-based integration that uses the newest Amazon Marketplace Web-Service API’s.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.