Top 3 Netsuite Books You Must Read

Netsuite books have been of great help of users who are new in a company especially in provision of Netsuite lessons to such users. Netsuite is a customizable software that can help the user to run his or her business smoothly. This software is becoming popular in many parts of the world because it is easy to use.

Research has shown that it is more expensive to implement Netsuite software as compared to purchasing it. That is why it is advisable for users to buy these books so as to get guidelines on how to implement this software in a less costly manner. The following is an overview of the top three Netsuite books you must read.

1. Netsuite for Dummies

This book focuses on several key areas that the user of this software should be well informed with. Some of the key areas that are outlined in this book include basics that each and every individual should know; ways on how to track money through management and accounting for inventory, how to use netsuite in marketing and selling products online and taking care of customers.

Other areas that are also highlighted in this book of Netsuite for Dummies include definition guide to netsuite software, ways that can be used to streamline a business using this software, tips and tricks on how to navigate through the various parts of the software and methods on how the user can gauge his or her progress in attempts to use analytics and dashboards.

The authors of this book are Julie Kelly (who is a well known consultant for Netsuite and provider of solutions of this software), Luke Braud (who is an application engineer of SaaS) and Malin Huffman who is a Netsuite product manager that is responsible for defining feature requirements of this software.

2. Netsuite One World Book

This is one of the very few numbers of Netsuite books. This book offers extensive information on how to easily set up this software. The kinds of guidelines that are within this book are very helpful especially to those users who have newly setup netsuite application. This book also contains some useful information on how to operate specific features that are advanced in nature. This kind of information is mostly useful to those users who have been using the software and are now interested in knowing on how to operate some advanced features.

This book is highly recommended for companies that are mid-sized and have got multiple subsidiaries from a single cloud system.

3. Accounting and Billing Customer Management Book

This is another example of netsuite books with information that provides support to users during installation of netsuite software. The book provides an overview of the software and provides helpful information for data migration. The book promotes collaboration and partnership between the user and the user interface of the software. The book also contains information on how to promote integration in the use of netsuite software.

The above overview is provides a review on Netsuite books that can help users to buy a book that has got relevant information on what they are searching for.


Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.