Top Netsuite Apps You Should be Using

With the SaaS revolution really now being the ongoing storm of SaaS as a serious platform, we see some pretty vicious competition, just like any other mature industry. This industry went from a novelty, to a new industry, all the way to maturity faster than anything else in history, more or less. It’s impressive. One of the biggest competitions to speak of now is in CRM and related, between and Netsuite. With Netsuite’s SuiteApp, what once was a pecking order is not a struggle for the throne.

What Is SuiteApp:

Well, those familiar with the SaaS scene as designers, journalists or users are familiar with’s Salesforce App Exchange, which has famously sandboxed the feature set of their software.

It allows third parties to design apps for the system that can pretty much make it do whatever you want. This has kept them pretty much at the top for a long time due to the boundlessness of it, and the ease with which that allows integration of other niche applications.

This, however, is Netsuite’s app system. It’s the same exact idea, and it works more or less the same exact way. Even the sites have similar templates and navigation. And why not? It’s the same solution.

Anything Good:

The question, of course, is if there’s anything good on this system. We all know Force’s App Exchange is a pretty even signal to noise ratio when it comes to useful or quality things. Any app network is going to be. Does that mean Netsuite’s is an assortment of diamonds and rough?


#1 – Arena

Arena is a change management tool for businesses to manage technical changes to keep up with technology either in computing with the office, or in industrial engineering.

These are madly fast-paced change environments that just don’t stop, and with this complete capture and accurate data handling system, integrated right into your Netsuite infrastructure, you’re ready for the challenge, one hundred percent.

#2 – OzLink Mobile

OzLink is a dynamic retail and distribution handling tool, designed for on the go use over mobile for on the fly order picking, dynamic inventory management and movement, and sending and reception of full containers.

Unless you’re just a service company completely, you’ll need a tool like this anyhow, so why not harness Netsuite and your mobile presence through this intuitive tool to make that happen?

In fact, why not use it for services too? You still need inventory-like management for privilege and use allotment concepts, and it’ll handle those just fine too. It doesn’t care if your inventory is physical or conceptual. That’s brass tacks stuff in business!

#3 – Riva

Riva is a simple thing, but this deserves acclaim due to it exemplifying why these app concepts are amazing for SaaS infrastructures. A simple mistake on Netsuite’s part is not having the capacity for CRM+ and Exchange to integrate with one another directly. It should, most Netsuite systems will, but these two, for some reason, don’t.


Enter Riva, which is a simple tool that does nothing more, or less, than sync them directly for data parallelism, exchange and conversion, completing the otherwise unbroken unity of the Netsuite family of solutions.

These are, as of writing this, the SuiteApp featured apps. That’s not why I picked them, truth be told, but that would’ve been reason enough, I think.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.