Understanding the NetSuite Development Platform

The NetSuite development platform is a cloud-based software designed for business management. It incorporates software designed to among other things perform comprehensive accounting, oversee customer relations management and automate professional services.

A Closer Look at NetSuite Development Platform

The NetSuite platform and its relevance to different business organizations

The NetSuite development platform has seen a lot of modification and specialization over the years to become what it is today. NetSuite so far has two software products designed to best serve different business organizations, depending on their size and scale of operation. Here is a comprehensive review of each.

1. The NetSuite OneWorld

The NetSuite OneWorld is designed specifically for large business operating on a large scale bases and in different countries. It comes with modules that automate most of the common tasks relevant to business organizations. To this end, it handles tasks like accounting, customer relationship management and automation of professional services among others.

The best feature about it however is its ability to collectively run all the business’ entities from a central location regardless of the distance that may be in between them. To achieve this, the NetSuite OneWorld runs in the cloud, making it accessible to everyone concerned via the web.

To make it convenient to different business organizations around the world, the OneWorld software comes in more than 15 languages and supports more than 170 currencies. Furthermore, to deliver on one of the most critical fields of business, accounting, it comes with accounting standards tailored for different countries. The main countries covered here lie in Europe, North America and Asia.

The complexity of this software however demands constant maintenance, a task conducted by the NetSuite development platform. The support team works around the clock to ensure the computing infrastructure availed to the clients is in perfect working condition.
This however makes this software SAAS (Software as a Service), meaning that clients pay for it on a monthly basis.

2. The NetSuite SuiteCommerce

SuiteCommerce is an equivalent for the OneWorld, with the only difference being that it is designed for small businesses. This makes it common with retailers and online stores.

It comes with the same tools offered in its superior counterpart. It also works just like OneWorld to some degree. All transactions are managed from a central position. It monitors customer interactions made via mobile devices, online, social networks and brick-and-mortar services.  It is also offered as software-as-a-service, and users are expected to make monthly payments for the services offered.

The NetSuite development platform VS other platforms; why go with NetSuite?

There are several features which set NetSuite apart, making it popular with more people in the market as compared to the other development platforms.

The Benefits of Using the NetSuite Development Platform

• Ease of customization

The NetSuite platform comes with a user-driven interface, making it easy to customize to suit different needs. Users can among other things add or remove fields and build new workflows. There is also a whole range of point and click configuration tools that allow users to modify the platform’s configurations to best suit them.

• An easily upgradable platform

Purchasing the NetSuite development platform doesn’t close the deal. The support staff is always looking for better ways to run the platform, making several upgrades in the process. Clients on the other hand enjoy the benefits of these upgrades as they are rolled out into the market. This means that the business is hosted on a platform that is constantly developing, bringing more development to the business’ appearance and the business itself in general.

• Independence

Unlike most other development platforms, NetSuite allows users to develop and customize the platform at will. As such, clients have the liberty to develop the software as they like or even hire a team of experts to do this for them. The best thing about it is, the clients don’t have to worry about legal sues.

• User-friendly

The NetSuite development platform user interface is well organized and laid out, making it easy to navigate even for users without much knowledge of the IT world. This makes handling other tasks like building new work-flows or customizing the software simple, consequently making it popular with more people. Furthermore, the support team is constantly online finding and fixing problems, and users can be guided through any hurdles or have it done for them from the NetSuite operation center.

• Ease of integration

For effectiveness, it is paramount that the NetSuite development platform has the capability to integrate with other platforms used by the client. This is possible if users wish so and the process of integration also is quite simple. This allows it serve diverse needs and work with different businesses regardless of whether they use the platform or not.

• A boost to appearance

In the world of business, every factor is of significance, taking into consideration the level of competition witnessed today. NetSuite plays an important role when it comes to this as it gives businesses a more professional and elegant look, making them more enticing to customers as compared to others.

A platform by the people, for the people; the SuiteCloud developer network

To make the NetSuite development platform as effective for the end user as possible, NetSuite have put in place the SuiteCloud developer network. This is a java-based development platform meant for NetSuite partners and customers. Here, these parties and other individual have the freedom to customize the NetSuite software to make it even better and more effective.

They also have the freedom to build totally new applications to complement the NetSuite development platform. At the end of the day, these creations become of great significance to NetSuite users. This is because most of them are usually rectifications to problems facing the current platform, guaranteeing better working conditions as time goes by.

New creations on the other hand diversify the platform’s capabilities, giving clients more options to work with. The SuiteCloud developer network furthermore gives developers a platform to display their ideas and make some extra money.


The NetSuite development platform is by far the best platform for businesses looking to make it big in the online market as it does not only offer quality but also an edge in competition too.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.