What is the NetSuite Solution Provider Program?

Netsuite Solution Providers are application experts who deliver the complete Netsuite cloud computing solutions. This includes selling Netsuite licences and giving support. Their expertise lies in CRM, e commerce expertise, and accounting/ ERP.

NetSuite is a web based service provided by NetSuite solution provider to the companies to enable them in managing all of their key processes through its multi-level support and collaborative partnership system. It increases the efficiency of the business, unlike other solutions which need database support and multiple records at every step, by providing various functional services on the basis of same record including accounting, sales, billing and shipping etc. Sales team tracking, revenue recognition, sales force automation, shipping and fulfillment, eCommerce management and budgeting and financial reporting are some of the other functionality of this cloud based service.

Pros of NetSuite

ERP cost benefits: The subscription cost of NetSuite varies with the size and needs of your business enterprise. Usually $40 per month is charged by a NetSuite solution provider for providing its valuable service which is very affordable for mid-sized companies. Their cost of services increases with the increasing needs of the larger companies and it varies between $100-500 every month according to their needs.

Accounting benefits: Sometimes the software used by businesses to manage their ERP solutions outgrow with the passage of time so they switchover to some accounting software that can reduce their paperwork through its number of accounting services. The plethora of financial assistances provided by NetSuite service provider by using single database makes it one of the best options for businesses of all sizes. They can check their sales order and modernize payment processes only through a single click on this programmed software.

Time and money saving benefits: The strong accounting and business management tools provided by NetSuite solution provider not only save the time of the management of any business but money also by making quick decisions every time. They can safely store and protect the crucial data of the company on the Cloud based storage option, provided by this web based software, as it can be quickly recovered even after being damaged in natural disaster or theft.

Strategic benefits: A business can easily and effectively plan its business strategy on the basis of services provided by a NetSuite service provider. A number of modules available on this software help in maintaining various accounts of the company including sales, customer service, shipping and marketing etc. at one place to help the management in planning the strategy of the business more efficiently and cost effectively.

Cons of NetSuite

Useful for larger enterprises than smaller one: Most of the small businesses had not found the accounting services provided by a NetSuite service provider suitable for them as they resolve their accounting issues on their own with using professional accounting staff. It can be suitable for mid-sized companies which have in-house IT experts and technically capable accounting department to deal with company’s financial issues.

Provide inflexible and trivial solution: Though is appears to provide attractive accounting services but the services provided by a NetSuite service provider may not suit to the businesses of every type.

Thus after going through the pros and cons of the services of a NetSuite solution provider you can opt for them according to the needs of your business.

The goal of Netsuite Solution Providers are to help companies run their business in more efficient way.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.