Why Netsuite WMS is Right For You

In recent times, Netsuite WMS has been extremely popular among business organizations. A Warehouse Management System or WMS refers to a good combination of technology, people and many other resources which can efficiently handle the distribution and receipt of inventory. This allows a business to meet various customer demands at different service levels.

A Warehouse Management System can identify certain tasks or activities, simplify operations and monitor performance. Such a system is specifically designed for optimization of space, labor, inventory and equipment.

An efficient and effective Warehouse Management System can help reduce many different fulfillment costs, while improving customer service levels. This can lead to more business and higher profitability. Some other important benefits of Netsuite WMS include :

● Improved Supply Chain Visibility – This can increase the confidence of your customers, aid retention and loyalty.

● Real Time Reporting – Focused on many different aspects of Supply-Distribution processes. This allows the management to add more flexibility for proper logistics planning, while maximizing cost effectiveness.

● Improved Inventory Management – A Netsuite WMS can also improve efficiency by reducing the number of redundant labor processes related to some inventory shortages.

● Reduced Order-Shipment cycle time

● Reduced labor costs for various business processes

● Reduced backorders and delay time

● Improved order accuracy

Overview of Netsuite WMS

Netsuite Warehouse Management System is a perfectly integrated solution focusing on supply chain execution. It can effectively help users realize the maximum potential of various investments on the Netsuite Enterprise Resource Planning platform. The Netsuite Warehouse Management System has been developed by eBizNET.

It provides some key benefits to Netsuite’s customers in manufacturing, ecommerce and wholesale distribution. This provides lasting and combined value to a business organization seeking more flexibility, efficiency and productivity.

Netsuite Warehouse Management System has been seamlessly embedded into the popular Netsuite ERP suite. This makes it possible to provide real time order visibility, and important inventory information across different departments.

eBizNET users will have easy access to an integrated suite providing supply chain functionality. This will be provided without latency, and the need to go through various processes of integration. Everything will be delivered to your business through just a basic Internet browser. It will be able to provide an excellent return on investment.

Netsuite prospects or customers who have multiple warehouses with average space more than 20,000 square feet are always the ideal candidates for the Netsuite Warehouse Management System. Most of the time, business organizations with warehouse space less than 10,000 square feet do not require this Warehouse Management System.

Business organizations which don’t need the Netsuite Warehouse Management System can satisfy their needs by using the core Netsuite functionality. This Warehouse Management System is perfect for many different vertical markets already being served by Netsuite, especially distribution and wholesale, ecommerce and manufacturing. This platform can also be perfect for companies which store inventory in distribution centers or warehouses.

As mentioned earlier, the Warehouse Management System developed by eBizNET Solutions serves as a leading supply chain collaboration and execution software. It has been natively built and designed on the Netsuite platform. The Netsuite WMS can extend the core capabilities of this platform, while supporting the goal of delivering high quality vertical solutions to meet customer needs.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.