Why Performance Support for NetSuite Works So Well

A performance support application is structured to offer immediate, individualized real-time online support. It provides access to the array of information, guidance, software, advice and assistance, images, tools, data, assessment and monitoring systems to allow job performance with minimal support or intervention by fellow coworkers, training managers, or team leaders.

In simple terms, if an employee is attempting to perform a particular task, and is struggling to figure out or remember how to exactly accomplish this action, instead of asking for help from his colleagues, supervisor, or the IT staff, a performance support system will provide direct and immediate assistance.

For a complex business software like NetSuite, performance support brings clear value in being able to accelerate training and time to proficiency, and hopefully reducing employee errors and downtime as well.

Below are the reasons why performance support for NetSuite works so well.

1.      Shortening the Competency Gap

The job market is always struggling with the gap between what employees learn in training and their ability to apply what they have learned to the job. This gap can make it very difficult to quantify benefits or identify ROI. However, with an effective performance support system, NetSuite administrators, IT support staff, training managers and team managers can effectively assist learners to apply newfound skills at work.

It should be noted: performance support is not a replacement for formal NetSuite training, but it reinforces what learners absorbed during the initial onboarding period to enable them perform or accomplish tasks without depending on others (coworkers, training managers and team leaders).

2.      On-the-Job Knowledge Delivery, When it Matters the Most

The success of performance support for NetSuite greatly depends on the online support provided to employees as they perform their respective tasks. When support is provided while the learner is actually performing the task, it makes it easy to remember. Since the content is easy to access and has relevant materials for a specific needs – when needed, while the employee is performing a particular NetSuite process – he/she is able to directly and immediately apply the knowledge to the task at hand. Team leaders can make work easier for them and their employees by ensuring the performance support materials are easily accessible to learners, and this is what performance support for NetSuite has taken advantage of.

3.      Makes it Easy to Reflect on Ideas

Immediately after learning follows reflection – the moment the learner ponders over the strengths and weaknesses of his/her performance. By recognizing the areas of weakness, the learner is able to quickly return to learning immediately after training by following straightforward or easy-to-follow instructions online about how to perform a specific task. The learner can choose to reflect either immediately or before the next moment of performance, referring appropriately where necessary. However, the best time to do this, perhaps, would be immediately following training –when the learner can still remember most details.

Performance support is a rather straightforward concept. It is ideally putting the right information – including access to that information – in the right hands of your employees, when they need it. In simple terms, it is providing your workforce quick references to the business processes and complex software they use on a daily basis. I think you will agree that today’s workforce feels challenged to perform smarter, better and faster, often with fewer resources. The training industry has done a tremendous job helping learners master various topics and subjects – from sales to technology.

Brooke Nelson is the Lead Author & Editor of NetSweets. With more than 20,000 customers, NetSuite is a fascinating platform! It is the major player in ERP, CRM, and ecommerce.