Extensive Netsuite Analytics Guide

The Importance of Netsuite Analytics In any business, whether it is selling lemonade or running a multibillion-dollar airline, it is extremely important to know what is happening in every aspect of your business. This includes key information about your clientele, about your competition, and businesses resources. This will help you to make necessary decisions about

NetSuite Business Management – Best Practices

Regardless of the type of business you are in, implementing NetSuite business management solutions such as ERP and CRM is one of the most important projects, which should be taken seriously. From practical considerations about who is responsible for the management of your company to concerns about demonstrating ROI and cost, implementation efforts of this

Why Performance Support for NetSuite Works So Well

A performance support application is structured to offer immediate, individualized real-time online support. It provides access to the array of information, guidance, software, advice and assistance, images, tools, data, assessment and monitoring systems to allow job performance with minimal support or intervention by fellow coworkers, training managers, or team leaders. In simple terms, if an

Netsuite Marketing – Features and Benefits

NetSuite marketing is a tracking function, which offers little in the automation way. It largely supports the traditional campaigns’ setup, attributes quality leads by source, tracks resolution and status of marketing-derived leads, distributes leads based-on rules, and offers basic campaign reporting. NetSuite marketing automation solution automates your entire process of marketing, giving you a chance

Complete Birst NetSuite Review

Birst NetSuite integration allows your business to achieve better operational efficiency via analysis of billings and bookings, exception analysis, and order processing, just to mention a few. Birst’s Cloud two-tier data-architecture is capable of creating a single view of all the data and empowers users to carefully analyze it using mobile, reports, visual discovery, and

NetSuite Light Manufacturing – Features and Benefits

NetSuite Light Manufacturing module offers wholesale distributors and manufacturers that urge and need for performing any other manufacturing activities or assembling products a single and integrated application for managing, simplifying and facilitating all manufacturing operations. This module gives light manufacturers higher cost-efficiency through greater support for assembling inventory kits, controlling product assembly, compiling materials lists,